Children’s Corner

Children’s Corner

Our children’s corner is for the little ones to enjoy God’s creation in the creatures He has given us to share our lives with. The wonder and awe of new birth in any of the animals around us is always a joy to behold. Children respond well to animals, particularly a puppy, a kitten or a baby lamb. Through the little animals they recognise the need to be loved and nurtured. The animals can bring comfort and great joy to all of us.

We are including pictures of family pets from when they were a puppy to maturity.  We are paticularly pleased with our donkey foal who is now bigger that his mother.  They are in seperable and can be a handfull when they get into a giddy humour.  The male loves attention while his mother will have none of it at all.

The picture of the robin in Maria’s hand is a fun one.  Quite often birds fly into the house, to be with Maria it seems.  She just picks them up and puts them back out side again.  The hedgehog is another animal in Maria’s hands.

Children are naturally drawn to animals.  They love to play with the young of any animal.  God created the nature for us to nurture and protect.  In this current age when the nature around us is a political and social event we need to bring all of God’s creation to the attention of our children.  They are the future of this planet and they will want to protect and safeguard the species of animals that exist here with us.

We hope you continue to enjoy our Children’s Corner.