Children’s Stories

Children’s Stories

The Children’s Stories page from A Blessed Call to Love is a facility for putting Maria Antoine’s “food for thought” reflections and stories out into the world. The inspirational spiritual thoughts, poems and stories come through Maria’s prayer life. The stories come spontaneously during meditation. They are recorded by a variety of people for publication later. Also, we hope you can relax and enjoy them.

The idea for the children’s stories came from Maria’s memories as a child in rural Ireland.  She remembers her mother telling her tales of the local areas and the people that lived there.  They were simple stories to keep a child attentive and usually had a good moral thread running through them.  Maria believes that mothers and fathers could do well to bring story telling back into the family circles.  Another benefit is that it would bring quality time between parents and children.  Furthermore, we hope you will be inspired and that your heart will be touched by our Irish Blessings children’s stories.

First of all, children are naturally drawn to animals.  They love to play with the young of any animal.  God created nature for us to nurture and protect.  In this current age nature around us is a political and social tool for manipulation.  We need to bring all of God’s creation to the attention of our children.  The children are the future of this planet.  And we will want them to protect and safeguard the species of animals that exist here with us.

In conclusion, A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland,  hope you continue to enjoy our Children’s Corner.

The Tale of a Little Robin