Irish Blessings Products

Irish blessings products, including healing oils, creams, waters, cards, cloths, songs, videos and pictures – A blessed call to love, a web site dedicated to bringing Irish blessing oils, Irish blessing waters, Irish blessing creams, original inspired religious and spiritual music from Ireland out into the world.


A Call to Love is a Christian Organisation based in Ireland. The members belong to the kind of community organisation described in Canon Law as a “private association of the faithful”. We are dedicated to bringing the love of God to as many people as possible through Irish blessings products including oils and waters for healing and comfort.


We seek to help people understand a love that saves and heals, a love that Jesus brings to the world as a bounteously divine gift, full of the energies of the Spirit, full of the splendour and fire of divine glory. We believe that the Holy Spirit rests on human life and human history and that the Father of Jesus calls us to respond from deep within the human soul and spirit to the divine plan for a peaceful humanity and a healed earth. Providing Irish blessings products from our base in Ireland, we recognise Mary’s deeply motherly love for us all and recognise her pain at the state of our land and continent. And so we want to encourage women and men, especially young men and women, to be active in the Church for the sake of the people and the earth, co-operating with and encouraging their pastors.

The Irish Blessing healing oils are dedicated to the Holy Spirit, Our Lady and the saints. The oils have their own individual essential oil fragrance. They are of therapeutic grade.

The Irish Blessing healing waters at A Blessed Call to Love come from our own well springs. Many have found our waters to be therapeutic.

The Irish Blessings healing creams are dedicated to Our Lord, Our Lady and the saints. The creams come through prayer and we pray that these creams will bring comfort healing and solace.

Sacred Heart of Jesus framed picture

The enrollment of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the home is an old traditional way to bring many Heavenly blessings on the home and the family living there..

The Irish Blessings prayer cloth cards are hand crafted and a unique gift on any occasion. We pray that all who are blessed with these prayer cloths will find peace, healing and solace.

The Irish Blessings red and yellow petal prayer hand crafted cards are dedicated to the loving heart of Jesus. We pray that those blessed with these prayer petals will enjoy peace and serenity.

Medal of Life

The Medal of Life (approved by the Church) is a medal to celebrate life from its conception to natural end.  At this important era within the Church it is incumbent upon us to promote and celebrate the traditional values of our faith.