Irish Blessings Medal of Life

In the treasury of God's love

Irish Blessings Medal of Life

This Irish Blessings Medal of Life celebrates life from conception to natural end


The Irish Blessings Medal of Life is for all people of good will who wish to affirm life in cultures where the gift of life itself is belittled, devalued, disparaged, disrespected, demeaned and rejected. It is also for all who wish to acknowledge God’s vast love and mercy, who seek to place the wonderful love of God for all life at the centre of their spiritual journey, who desire to be open to the life-enhancing grace and holiness of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who is bothered by the culture of death, who is troubled by violence, who recognises evil at work in the world, who finds their own spirit grieving because of the attack on life are invited to join in prayer for life.

This Irish Blessings Medal of Life prayer for life flows out of a heart filled with worship and awe before a life-giving, loving God, a reverent heart inspired by Christ and open to the transforming action of the Spirit (see Psalm 37:5). Prayer for life finds expression in a variety of ways that begin with praise and thanksgiving. It engages in graced supplication inspired by the crucified Christ (see Zechariah 12:10). Prayer for life also involves intercession and petition, is rooted in repentance for every attack on life. It is inspired by the prayer of the saints in glory. Prudent fasting and abstaining may also be practised.

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