Irish Blessings Prayer Petal Card Set

The Irish Blessings prayer petal is a petal from a red rose dedicated to the loving heart of Jesus. We at A Blessed Call to Love also have a yellow prayer petal that is especially set aside for priests and religious also dedicated to the loving heart of Jesus.

The rose petal makes a beautiful gift for anybody and for any occasion. It is placed in a card within a card. The petals are preserved and are placed beneath the Cross of Jesus crucified, accompanied by prayer for a period of time before been placed in a card to be sent out. We pray that all who receive these Irish Blessings Petal card dedicated to the loving Heart of Jesus will find solace, comfort and healing.

Like the Irish poet and patriot said;
“I see his blood upon the rose
And in the stars the glory of his eyes
His body gleams amid eternal snows
His tears fall from the skies.”

Our Irish blessings prayer petal cards will make a thoughtful gift on any occasion. The inner card with the petal could easily be carried in a pocket or handbag to carry a blessing to whomever you wished or indeed just to carry the blessing upon yourself. Many persons have reported to us the joy and solace they have received while carrying one of these petals. And they carry this blessing to those they meet. There is a prayer blessing contained on each card accompanying the petal card.