Irish Blessings Prayer Shawl

The Irish Blessings prayer shawl is Celtic in design. They have been designed by the world renowned Jimmy Hourihan. They are inspired by Celtic motifs found in the Book of Kells. They feature ornate inscriptions and illustrations, examples of Irish culture and tradition. Shawls are 47 ins width / 80 ins length approx. to provide a warm and comfortable wrap. There are 14 different design/colours in our range.

Prayer shawls have been around for centuries. Our Irish Blessings prayer shawls are symbolic of the all embracing love of God. When worn we can contemplate His enfolding love wrapped around us as we meditate. They remind us of the warmth of a mother’s hug; they comfort and give solace.

Those who have worn the shawls have felt warmth, comfort and peace.  They feel serene, a peaceful calm. The Irish Blessings prayer shawl creates a quiet atmosphere enhancing a warm sense of wellbeing. We enfold each person in the comforting power of prayer from our team here at A Blessed Call to Love.

Jesus being a Jew would have observed the law and worn a Tallit or prayer shawl.

Matthew 14; 36
They implored Him that they might only touch the fringe of His garment. And as many as touched it were made well.

Luke 8; 44
She came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His garment, and immediately her discharge ceased.

2 Kings 2; 13
Elisha picked up Elijah’s cloak which had fallen, and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan.

Psalm 46; 10
Be still and know that I am God