Irish Blessings Videos

 Irish Blessings Videos

The Irish Blessings videos page is a facility for downloading some of Maria Antoine original Meditation videos.  We will also have other videos available as they come on stream.   Our “Food for thought” meditations and stories of the saints come from Maria Antoine prayers and reflections.


We hope you will enjoy our videos and share them with a friend.

Beautiful is the heart meditation is about how God’s beautiful creation, all around us, can witness to His love for us. The video was shot in Innishowen, Donegal which is lovely spiritual and atmospheric scenery.

A little girl looks up at the stars is about how a young girl feels the comfort and security of God’s presence as she gazes at the stars at night through her bedroom window.  She imagines she can see the Lord in the night sky, in the stars.

The Hazelnut is a reflection on how we can speculate on the completeness of God’s creation in something as small as a nut.  A nut holds within itself the potential for regenerating itself.  God’s plan for creation repeats itself in beautiful symmetry including us humans.

An explosion of God’s love is yet another meditation on God’s wonderful creation.  We are drawn in to imagine viewing creation from a bird’s view as it soars high over the earth.  We even are led to the threshold of Heaven where we meet Jesus.

A Prayer of Peace is Maria Antoine’s latest reflection to be released on You Tube and Facebook.  Jesus is our peace and serenity.  He is constantly calling us to Himself.  He wants to lead us back to the Father our God in Heaven.  The narrator, Krystyna Nowak expresses Maria’s words in a beautiful and love filled piece that makes for a quiet contemplation on God’s word.