Irish Blessings Water

O river of Love flow, flow, flow

And let us be within

So that we can come to see and know

And love You more and more.


Irish Blessings water – There are hundreds of holy wells all over Ireland, many of them still in use. Many of the wells were famous for their power to heal diseases, powers which were usually attributed to the patron saint associated with the well.

The Irish Blessings water here at A Blessed Call to Love come from our own well springs in Ireland. All the waters have their own individual special fragrance. Many have found our waters to be therapeutic and say they have enhanced their sense of well being.

As a rule, all the Irish saints have one or more blessed wells dedicated to their memory. Pure water was necessary, not only for Baptism and for the Holy Sacrifice, but also for the daily needs of the holy men and women whose lives were given there to the service of God.

We believe that some of their ancient holiness still lingers round our blessed wells, that their holy patron’s still pray for those who frequent them in a pious and trusting spirit, and that God often hears those fervent prayers and grants special requests to the faithful suppliants through the fervour of their faith and the merits of the saints.

Our Irish Blessing water comes through prayer, St Joseph, the Holy Family and St Patrick waters come from our own well springs. All the other waters come from the Holy Family well. Through prayer they are placed within their designated grottos. They are left there for a time of prayer before being sent out.

In Scripture there are many examples of blessed or holy water being used.

Exedus 23 ; 25
You shall serve the Lord your God, and I will bless your food and water, and keep you free of sickness.

2 Kings 2 ; 19 – 22
…The water here is foul and the country suffers from miscarriages. Elisha said, “Bring me a new bowl and put salt into it.” He went to the source of the water, threw salt into it and said, “Yahweh says this, I make this water wholesome, neither death nor miscarriage shall come from it.” And the waters became wholesome, as it is today.