Irish Blessings Song Video

Irish Blessings Song Video –

A Blessed Call to Love videos are a facility for putting Maria Antoine’s Song of Songs out into the world via Youtube. The inspirational spiritual songs come through Maria’s prayer life. She sings spontaneously through prayer. They are recorded and music is added later. We then make a short video clip of inspiring pictures to match the song so that it can be uploaded unto Youtube. We hope you enjoy these Irish blessing healing songs.


We hope you can sit back relax and listen. As you do we pray your heart will be touched by these Irish blessing healing songs.

How was I supposed to know?

A song of reflection on a relationship of a father and child, of how we sometimes don’t feel the love we need inside, but later realise it was always there, unspoken.

Love in a song

A song by Maria Antoine about the love of God ever flowing unconditionally for each one of us at where we are at. We just need to accept His love.

Holy Spirit fill me with Your light

A song by Maria Antoine to welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts, to touch us and fill us with the warmth of His love and His peace.

Mother Mary take me by the hand

A song by Maria Antoine of the love of Mother Mary for all of us, who is always there for us in all our needs as we ask her to hold us by the hand along the way to Jesus.

The grass is greener

A song by Maria Antoine about the faith and trust we place in God in each step of the way, knowing that God is the way, drawing us into green pastures.

Songs in my heart by Little Maria

A song by Maria Antoine in praise and worship and thanksgiving to God which brings great joy into our hearts. The Lord calls us all to sing His praises.