Irish Blessings Testimonials

Irish Blessings Testimonials –


Mary’s testimony

My labrador dog was diagnosed with rapid cancer approximately 18 months ago.  She was in pain and had a large lump on her spin.  I came across a St Francis healing oil from A Blessed Call to Love.  As St Francis is the patron saint for animals I decided to ask for his intercession for my dog and use the oil on her.  She has improved dramatically since then and with no lumps on her spin.  She is over ten years old and running around like a new pup.  St Francis really does care for the animals.

Mary B. Tipperary

Julie’s testimony

I had a severe earache for four days. I could not sleep and cried with the pain.  My sister sent me St Anthony’s healing oil which she had got in Knock Shrine, Co Mayo.  I put the oil on my ear and said the prayer on the card.  The pain went away immediately. That night I had a lovely rest filled sleep/

Also, my brother lost his wallet with his money and cards. They were lost for over two days.  He blessed himself with St Anthony’s oil and said the prayer.  The next morning he found his wallet under his jeans in the hot press.  Thank you again St Anthony.

Julie M. Co Galway

Caroline’s testimony

I had a badly swollen and sore leg.  I had to stay in bed.  The doctor’s creams did not help. My mother sent me St Anthony’s healing oil. I used the oil and said the prayer each morning and at night. My leg healed up with no problems. Thank you St Anthony.  He also helped my mother with her dog. He did not like his new dog house. until Mum blessed the dog house with St Anthony’s oil and medal.  The dog has had no problem since.

Caroline M. Co Tyrone

Declan’s testimony

For some time I have wanted to email you regarding the healing power of this Saint Joseph’s Oil that you gave me some time ago. Perhaps I should first acknowledge that I truly believe that prayer helped me to accept and acceptance allowed me to forgive. That forgiveness has allowed me to get well. Thank God and Mother Mary for that.


During the summer I was helping a friend do some pottery, something I have always wanted to try.  My friend and I got a commission to build a 9ft column in a style similar to Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna made from four separate pieces of glazed pottery.


On July 21st I tripped while moving my coiled base of the column, I reached out to the work bench while trying to save the pot. My thumb took the weight of the pot and me. It went in a direction that thumbs are not meant to move and the pot became elliptical but fixable. The next morning I could not move my thumb, the pain was severe and you have never seen so many sore looking colours. I had no choice but go to Cavan General Hospital.


Eventually I was shown the x-ray as the doctor explained what had happened. As he looked he said’ “Oh that is sore”. He had that part right! He showed me how the force on the ‘pinch ligament’ had removed a piece of my bone. I could clearly see a V-shaped space where bone should be. He gave me very strong pain killers and told me I had to go to Drogheda Fracture Clinic next morning. Cavan put my thumb in a half cast and a sling, gave me medication for the pain and a referral letter for Drogheda. I told the nurse I had no way of getting to Drogheda but she insisted that if I don’t go I could lose the use of my thumb. The letter for Drogheda states;

Clinical findings:  Swelling, bruising, tenderness p[phalanges and metacarpal of thumb x-ray # base of proximal phalanx at UCL intersection

The next morning I phoned Drogheda asking if is possible to go any morning as I was trying to find transport and could not go that day. There is a guy who cuts my lawn, he told me he had to go to Drogheda at 9am on Friday 24th and as he had a free bus pass I could travel with him for free. I was very grateful and relieved. I continued to apply the Saint Josephs Oil regularly and prayed that it would get better soon. I am predominately left handed. I went to the bus depot to meet him at 8:30 and waited until 10am. He never turned up. Later that day when I met him he told me he was only joking! God love the guy but he had problems at birth and has the understanding of a child. He did not realise the enormity of his joke and cannot be responsible.


On Friday night I went to bed in a lot of pain having used all my pain killers. I did not sleep until sometime after 4am. I woke at 8:30am with the sincere belief that I had just been talking to a doctor and nurse. On my bedside locker I found the plaster cast and all of the bandages folded up neatly. I was then staring at my thumb, actually both of them, with complete shock. I had complete painless movement, no bruising or swelling and to be honest I was sure I was dreaming. I made coffee and had a cigarette and when I applied more Saint Josephs Oil I started to cry.


I do not know why but tears were just falling with very little emotion. Although my heart fully accepted what had happened, my head had so many questions. Had I hurt my thumb at all or was all this a very strange dream?


I opened the letter for Drogheda hospital which confirmed that I hadn’t lost my mind. Later I phoned my pottery friend and the first question he asked me was; “well how did you get on in the hospital?” I told him it was a miracle and I would explain later. I went to the church to give thanks before going back to Cavan hospital.


The first nurse (triage) that I met was more than a bit surprised that I was coming to the hospital to show that I was fine. Five hours later I got to see a doctor and showed her the referral letter and wiggled my thumbs! The original nurse was also quite surprised and when the consultant doctor got to see me he was visible shocked. He just kept saying “and no pain?” and “full movement!” and it made me smile at one stage when he looked at his colleagues with the words “and no bruising at all, I cannot explain”. “Mr. Gargan, if you find how this could happen please let me know!” I told him that I put it down to Saint Josephs Oil. They did not want to take more x-rays and felt it was not necessary as I clearly had no pain and full movement and to them it was just unexplainable.


I have full movement and I have not had as much as one second’s pain or discomfort since Saturday 25th July. I am often overly critical or analytical but in this extraordinary case I simply accept the facts. All of the above are provable facts from start to finish and Thank God I was in such pain that I had to go to the hospital, how else would I explain (even to myself) that two days later all would be fine.

Thank You Saint Joseph

Declan G., Cavan


Testimony from Kelly S and Michael; 1st August 2015

My boyfriend and I were in a car crash in September 2014 and I hurt my back and shoulder. Michael had a fractured bone in his back.  We told the lady in the A Blessed Call to Love shop in Kells, Co Meath what had happened.  She gave us a blessing oil dedicated to St Joseph.  She suggested we put it on three times a day on the area that hurt.  When we use it we get instant relieve but when we forget to use it the pain builds up.  We recommend that anybody out there suffering with pain call into the Irish Blessings shop in Kells and get some St Joseph’s oil.


New Testimony


I am in my late 60s. Since my mid 20s I suffered from migraine. On two occasions I was hospitalised as a result of my condition. My symptoms were the usual ones for migraine. I would start with a headache until I felt sick. I would usually get sick and then sleep until I felt better.

Over three years ago I was given A Blessed Call to Love St Joseph’s oil and asked to bless myself three times with it and say one Hail Mary. Since the first time I used it I have had no headaches at all. I am delighted and thank God. I still use the St Joseph’s oil each night as I go to bed. I ask St Joseph to bless and protect me. He is a wonderful intercessor.

Phillip C, Co Laois, Ireland

Earlier this year my eyesight started to fail unexpectedly. I had double vision and pain in my eyes. I went into hospital so that they could find out the cause.

A friend of mine brought in a bottle of water dedicated to Jesus the King of Peace. She blessed my eyes with the water and said a Hail Mary. Immediately my eyes relaxed. I had no pain. The next day my eyes had improved. Within a week I was back to normal and driving again. My optician found that my eyesight was better than it had been for 20 years.

Derek B, Westmeath, Ireland

I had an accident and broke my ankle badly. It wouldn’t heal so they put a plate into it to hold it together. A bolt came loose and travelled down under my heel. For a year it was very sore and hard to walk on. A neighbour of mine visited me with St Joseph’s oil. I put it on my ankle, blessed myself three times and said a Hail Mary. The pain went away immediately, thank God.

Joe Mc, Cavan, Ireland

I was 5 months pregnant when I began to get terrible pains in my side. My doctor sent me for tests. They said I needed an operation on my kidneys.

I got Blessed Alexandrina’s cream and for over a week I blessed myself with it every day. After 10 days the pain was gone. When I returned for further tests they found nothing wrong with my kidneys. 4 months later I gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy. And I continue to bless myself with Blessed Alexandrina’s cream.

Patricia O’, Meath, Ireland

In November 2012 I broke a bone in my foot.  After I had an x-ray taken in my local hospital I was told my foot was badly damaged.  The put a plaster cast on it to see if it would set.  They said that after six weeks I would have to get another cast put on or a brace boot as the damage was so bad it would be a long healing process.

I was given the St Joseph’s oil and was told to put some on my foot until the cast came off.  I did this for 5 weeks and the pain eased up.  In the sixth week I kept putting pressure on my foot but the pain was very intense.  

Finally the six weeks had passed and the cast was removed. I had another scan done which I walked to.  The scan showed my foot had completely healed and I was walking again.  The doctors and myself were in shock but from the day I got my cast off I have had no other issues from my foot; no other cast or brace boot.  All I can say is that the oil helped cure my broken foot.  My doctor was amazed how fast the break cleared up.

Another reason why I believe in St Joseph’s oil is because it helped my mother too.  She complains of chest pains when she has to walk.  I asked her to rub the oil on her chest and say the prayer on the card that comes with it.  For two weeks she has been doing this now and she is out walking about without a single complaint. 

I am pregnant at the moment and have to take daily injections of Innohep to thin my blood as I had a clot.  I have also started using St Joseph’s oil again, rubbing it on where I had the clot. I have every faith it will keep me protected

Kellie D, Cavan, Ireland