Love Touches

Sacred poetic Love Touches prayers are about how God is constantly communicating with us.  He wants to be in our lives and reminds us of His presence.  Jesus gives us what we call “love touches”.  The Lord showers us with gifts through His creation around us and through the people we meet each day.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit grants us grace to uplift our minds into the reality of God’s presence.  Moreover, our words need to reflect the truth that is God.  Especially relevant is Maria Antoine’s words in these inspired prayers.

These inspired prayers from Maria compliment our Irish blessings Meditations and Songs also come from Maria. They come through the prayer life of Maria Antoine. All  are original songs and prayers written and sung by Maria.

Maria is a wife and mother.  While praying, she sings or prays spontaneously the praises of the Lord.  Moreover,the prayers and her songs come from the heart. While some flow directly and are recorded in one take, others are written down.  We like to put beautiful landscape images in the background to highlight the prayers and draw attention to God’s wonderful creation.

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 As a result, A Blessed Call to Love have put together a number of these prayers and images because we want them to go out into the world.  Maria hopes that hearts may be touched and comforted.  Furthermore, she hopes that these Irish blessings will help people find peace in their hearts in the stillness of God’s love.

In conclusion, reflect on God’s Love Touches now and share.

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Love Touches prayer
Love Touches is a prayer from Maria Antoine of A Blessed call to love, ireland
to praise and worship God.


Tribute to St Oliver Plunkett on his feastday

St Oliver Plunkett, you shed your blood as a witness to God above

In faith and in love, a martyr

You allowed us to see your desire to be within the mysteries of God

From Heaven above, hear our prayers, our tears, from where we are

Pray for us that we will one day be in that love

To forever hold that peace with Love all around us, consumed in the light

O God, we desire it through the intercession of St Oliver Plunkett

Let the light within our hearts be set ablaze to love and desire life eternal


Yes, Abba Father above, thank you for St Oliver Plunkett

Thank you God for his witness of faith

Thank you God for his martyrdom

My God, let there be a shift in me

In endurance and in love to hold You all the days of my life

I want to render myself to You wholeheartedly

In the desire of the recess of my being

So that even in these little words I can be inside Your love

That someone can be touched,

Not because I live but because You live in me

St Oliver Plunkett, pray for us.  Amen


May 13th Jacinta and Francisco canonised
On May 13th 2017 Jacinta and Francisco of Fatima were canonised saints. The little shepherds were two of the visionaries that Our Lady appeared to in Fatima.









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