Sacred Reflections

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O touch us Lord so deeply

In the sea of Your mercy

In the stillness of Your love.


Sacred Reflections

Words of Love from the heart on A Blessed Call to Love is a facility for putting Maria Antoines “food for thought” reflections and prayers out into the world. The inspirational spiritual thoughts, poems, prayers and stories come through Maria’s prayer life. Furthermore, they come spontaneously during her time of meditation. Also, they are recorded by different speakers for variety and for publication later. We hope you can relax and enjoy them. It is our desire that you will be inspired and that your heart will be touched by our Irish Blessings poems meditations.

We are presenting snippets of the reflections here.  If you would like to donate anything we would be delighted to send you the full meditation to your email; just click download.


Contact us

Please leave a comment on our contact page to get your feedback on the writings.  If you felt a story or poem or prayer touched you please tell us about it.  Some of the speakers who recorded Maria’s words were very moved. Maria continues to be inspired to write these poems and meditations.

At A Blessed Call to Love we hope to continue putting them up on the website.  We will also be putting them on YouTube and Facebook. Please tell your friends if you enjoyed them and let us spread the word.

Meditations and songs CD

A Walk with Mother Mary snippet

This meditation is about how Mother Mary leads us to her Son Jesus Christ. Mary loves us with a love beyond our imagination and wants what is best for us. She wants us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Our blessed Mother accompanies us on our pilgrim journey at all times.




God’s Heartbeat snippet

This is a meditation reflecting on walking with Jesus into a private place where you can be still in His presence.  You can enjoy the natural surroundings giving thanks to God for His creation.



Shadow of God’ Love snippet


This is a reflection on the Announciation when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her and she would conceive Jesus; the Word made flesh.

The Hazelnut snippet

We reflect here on how God’s magnificent creation can be contemplated on in even a small nut.  All seeds have within themselves the capacity to reproduce themselves in abundance when sown in the ground.  We can only marvel at the diversity of God’s creation.




Red rose in bloom snippet

This meditation is about the transformation of hearts.  It is the Holy Spirit that comes into our open and free hearts to transform us into the likeness of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  Just listen and allow His promptings to transform you.




Reservoir of Love snippet

A meditation on Gods invitation to walk with Him within our hearts.  In that restful quiet special place we can encounter God and contemplate the beauty around us.

Love, love, love snippet

We are not alone.  God is always with us, waiting for us to acknowledge His peasence.  He is Love itself.  Let us start each welcoming His presence and He will rejoice in bringing joy and peace to our hearts.






Cradle of God’s love snippet

A love poem to God asking for His protection.

A Sacred Place snippet

A Sacred Place is about that private place in your heart where you can meet and be with Jesus in any surroundings.  Listen and use your imagination to walk and be with the Lord in His creation.


Love Touches snippet

This meditation is about how God is constantly communicating with us.  He wants to be in our lives and remind us of His presence.  God showers us with gifts through His creation around us and through the people we meet each day.


The Reason

The Reason is about how we are part of God’s great plan for creation. It is all part of His plan since the beginning of time. God loves us and wants us to share eternity with Him.


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