Sacred Reflections 3

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Sacred Reflections 3

The Words of Love from the heart 3 is the third set of meditations in the series.  We are trying to keep the quality of the meditations as high a standard as is possible.  Also, we want hearts to be moved and to listen to them over and over again.

The reflections are a facility for putting Maria Antoines “food for thought” reflections and prayers out into the world. Inspirational spiritual thoughts, poems, prayers and stories come through Maria’s prayer life.   Moreover, they come spontaneously during her time of meditation. They are recorded by different speakers for variety and for publication later. We hope you can relax and enjoy them. Also, we further hope you will be inspired and that your heart will be touched.

If you would like to download any of our reflections just click download.   By downloading you are assisting us in putting out these reflections into the world.

Contact us

We would love you to leave a comment on our contact page to get your feedback on the writings.  If you felt a story or poem or prayer touched you please tell us about it.  Some of the speakers who recorded Maria’s words were very moved. Maria continues to be inspired to write these poems and meditations.

At A Blessed Call to Love we hope to continue putting them up on the website.  We will also be putting them on YouTube and Facebook. Please tell your friends if you enjoyed them and let us spread the word.



A Walk by the Sea with Jesus snippet

This meditation takes us on a morning walk with Jesus.  We imagine a walk on the seashore beside the gentle waves as the rhythmic beat of the water emphasises the peaceful presence of Our Lord.


A Lily in the Valley snippet
God is beauty itself. All of His creation reflects His beauty and His love for all creation. When you look at a simple flower like the lily you can meditate on Him who created it. Could man imagine or create something so simple and beautiful. Give thanks to God for all His gifts.

In the Sweetest Heart snippet

Jesus wants us to come to Him through the immaculate heart of His Mother. And Mary has no other desire than to lead us to her Son. Let consecrate ourselves to the immaculate heart of Mary and trust her to form us in the image of Jesus.


Closer to the Heart snippet

Is your heart filled with the love of God?  Jesus wants His light to shine into our open hearts.  Also, a heart open to His light and inspiration is a heart open to others, our neighbour and all we meet.  Lift up your heart and soul as you contemplate the short reflection;


One Day snippet

Each day is a gift from God.  We live in the present moment.  Somebody once said; the past is history, the future a mystey, the present is all we have; it is a gift.  Consequently, each moment is our opportunity to live in the presence of God.  As we listen to the reflection let us be conscious of God’s inspirations in our hearts.


Holding the Beads snippet

Praying the Rosary we meditate on the life of Christ.  Each mystery brings into an aspect of Jesus and His word.  We pray the Rosary asking Mother Mary to lead us to her Son.

The Poet snippet

This is a reflection on how we do not have the spiritual words to put our deepest thoughts unto paper.  Our prayers can be inspired through the grace of the Holy Spirit to uplift our minds into the reality of God’s presence.  Moreover, our words need to reflect the truth that is God


Snowflakes falling snippet

This meditation is about a person looking out through a window at the snow laden landscape.  The fields and hills are covered with a brilliant white.  From the warmth of the house the scenery is spectacular.  The person sees Jesus walking towards them through the snow.  Also, His clothes are even more brilliant white than the snow.

Our Salvation snippet

This song is a love song to Our Lord.  He is the love of our hearts.  We sing His praises in thanksgiving.  He is truly our salvation, our Lord and the love of our lives.

A Lonely Heart snippet

God’s love is eternal and unconditional.  He is always calling us to Himself.  Sometimes we feel alone but we are never really alone.  God is with us.  He wants to console us in our dark times.  Also, He constantly watches over us as His plan unfolds.  In conclusion, we must listen to His word and trust Him.



Blessed Be

This is a blessing prayer to invoke God’s graces upon whoever we pray for. We need to trust in God’s grace in our difficult moments and thank Him in our peaceful moments.


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