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A Better Day by Maria Antoine





A Better Day

A Better day written by Maria Antoine for her second CD of Meditations and songs is about that better day we all hope for in the Lord.  He is love and He wants us with Him.  At the Last Supper He explained to his disciples that He was going to His Father to prepare a place for them and also for all of us.  This day of rejoicing will come.  Jesus said so and His word is true.  He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Let us look forward eagerly and with desire to that day when we will be one with Him as He is one with the Father.  this was and still is His ardent prayer for us.

Irish Blessings Meditations and Songs on A Blessed Call to Love is a facility for putting Maria Antoines “food for thought” reflections and prayers out into the world. The inspirational spiritual thoughts, poems, prayers and stories come through Maria’s prayer life. They come spontaneously during her time of meditation. They are recorded by different speakers for variety and for publication later. We hope you can relax and enjoy them. We further hope you will be inspired and that your heart will be touched by our Irish Blessings poems meditations.

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 We would love you to leave a comment on our contact page to get your feedback on the writings.  If you felt a story or poem or prayer touched you please tell us about it.  The speakers who recorded Maria’s words were very moved. Maria continues to be inspired to write these poems and meditations.

At A Blessed Call to Love we hope to continue putting them up on the website.  We will also be putting them on YouTube and Facebook. Please tell your friends if you enjoyed them and let us spread the word.

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