Blood of Love music track


Blood of Love music track, Maria Antoine

Blood of Love     

Blood of Love music track

Written and sung by Maria Antoine

Production;               Stephen Walker

The Blood of Love music track is one of our Irish blessings music entitled Song of Songs.  These are inspirational spiritual music that comes through the prayer life of Maria Antoine. They are original songs of praise written and sung by Maria.  They are available as Irish music CDs to download or buy as hard copies and as downloadable individual music tracks.

Maria is a wife and mother.  She is not a professional singer.  In prayer, she sings spontaneously the praises of the Lord and her songs come from the heart.  While some flow directly and are recorded in one take, with music being added later, others need the help of a sound engineer and musicians to bring to fruition. On occasion, we have recorded some songs with a professional singer.

The Blood of Love music track is our longest track.  It is for reflection and mediation on the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  This kind of meditative and repetitive music needs time to adapt to but it is well worth the time and effort as it can bring you deep into the Passion of Our lord.  Maria hopes that you will stay and enjoy as she feels that this meditation music is her favourite type of music.  It brings her closer to the Lord.

A coincidence you may enjoy knowing about on the production of this track is that it took three weeks to do the song and video.  As Easter 2014 approached we were pulling out all stops to get it finished.  We finally pressed the button to bring all the parts together with hope in our hearts at 3 pm on Good Friday.  Praise the Lord, everything fell into place without any more adjustments.  We were delighted and pleased with the little blessing.

A Blessed Call to Love have put together a number of these songs in CD form that they may go out into the world and we hope hearts may be touched and comforted.  Maria hopes that these Irish blessings music songs will help people find peace in their hearts in the stillness of God’s love.

Download a copy of the Blood of Love music track, enjoy, share it with a friend  and spread the news.

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