Hear birds singing


Hear birds singing by Maria Antoine




Oh To Hear The Birds Singing- snippet     

Hear birds singing

Hear Birds Singing song is about how wonderful it is to listen to the birds singing in the morning.  And they brighten up our days.  In their simplicity they praise their Creator.  As we listen, we  are inspired also to give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord of all.  God provides for us as He does for all His creatures.  Therefore, let us lift up our hearts and souls in songs of praise from the heart.

Our Irish blessings music entitled Song of Songs are inspirational spiritual music because they come through the prayer life of Maria Antoine. They are original songs of praise written and sung by Maria.  The CDs are available to download or buy as hard copies and as downloadable individual music tracks.


Snippets of Song of Songs CDs

Listen to a short segment of each music track on the web page of each product.  CLICK on the audio display icons to play.


Maria is a wife and mother. She is not a professional singer. In prayer, she sings spontaneously the praises of the Lord and her songs come from the heart. While some flow directly and are recorded in one take, with music being added later, others need the help of a sound engineer and musicians to bring to fruition. On occasion, we have recorded some songs with a professional singer.

As a result, A Blessed Call to Love have put together a number of these songs in CD form because we want them to go out into the world.  Meanwhile, we hope hearts may be touched and comforted. Maria hopes that these Irish blessings music songs will help people find peace in their hearts in the stillness of God’s love..

In conclusion get your copy of Hear birds singing now and share.

 However, if you like these meditations and songs please download them to support our work so that we can continue putting out our Irish Blessings into the world.
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