Irish Blessings DVD



Irish Blessings DVD

The Irish Blessings DVD is a collection of our new videos and songs.  Maria Antoine wrote the songs and the DVD is about how we need to worship and reverence God in the birth Of His Son Jesus on earth.  Nothing is impossible to God.  He inspires us, guides us and wants us to be in communication with Him at all times. In the Child, in the crib, we see the reflection of God the Father.

We pray to God as a response to the beauty of creation all around us.  We give Him thanks and sing His praise.  Yonathan M Jimenez, Lanaeusdio,  Audrey McDonald and Krystyna Wowak do a marvelous and reverent interpretation of Maria’s words.

Irish Blessings DVD

The DVD contains some Christmas tracks.  The Sacred Songs are inspirational spiritual music that come through the prayer life of Maria Antoine and the songs of praise are written by Maria.  You can download the tracks or any of the individual music tracks or buy the DVD as a hard copy.

Maria is a wife and mother.  She sings spontaneously the praises of the Lord from the heart.  Some songs flow directly and are recorded in one take and music is added later.  Also, some songs need the help of a sound engineer and musicians to bring to fruition. On occasion, we have recorded songs with a professional singer.

The DVD is filled with songs about how God wants to comfort us. He sent us His Son to be born in a stable in Bethlehem.  He loves us so much He wants us to rest in Him.  Listen to His heart beating with such love for us.  Also, we can be assured of His support and help if we only stop for awhile and take His word seriously.

A Blessed Call to Love have put together a number of these songs in CD and DVD format.  Consequently, we hope that they may go out into the world.  Hearts may be touched and comforted.  Also, Maria desires that these Irish blessings songs will help people find peace in their hearts in the stillness of God’s love.

In conclusion, download the DVD tracks and share it with your friends.

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