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Medal of Life prayer card

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Medal of Life Prayer Card


The Medal of Life prayer card is another of our colourful products that promote the Medal of Life.  It is presented that you may have more than one way of declaring your support for life.  The Medal of Life prayer card has a small card within a larger card.  The small card has a small pouch within which sits a Medal of Life.  The larger card has the beautiful prayer for life composed by Fr Jack Finnegan SDB.  It would make a suitable gift on any occasion.  We want the world to know we support and promote family and life by witnessing to our new medal in as many ways as is possible.


The Medal of Life is for all people of good will who wish to affirm life in cultures where the gift of life itself is belittled, devalued, disparaged, disrespected, demeaned and rejected. It is also for all who wish to acknowledge God’s vast love and mercy, who seek to place the wonderful love of God for all life at the centre of their spiritual journey, who desire to be open to the life-enhancing grace and holiness of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who is bothered by the culture of death, who is troubled by violence, who recognises evil at work in the world, who finds their own spirit grieving because of the attack on life are invited to join in prayer for life.


The inspiration for the Medal of Life first arose in a housewife’s time of prayer and intercession. In prayerful reflection it seemed as if God the Father, with Mary the Mother of his Son Jesus Christ, wanted people to affirm life in all its phases, the very human life shared by Jesus who came to save and heal us all. The outline of the medal evolved from that first moment of inspiration through a process of ongoing reflection and discussion until the final design emerged and the medals were cast. It is now being issued cum permissu superiorum from the Salesian Provincial in Ireland.


Send your Medal of Life prayer card with pride declaring your support for family and life.


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