Meditation on the Rosary


Meditation on the Rosary




Meditation on the Rosary     

Meditation on the Rosary

This beautiful meditation on the Rosary prayer concentrates on the Joyful Mysteries. Furthermore, we have put an international feel to the prayer by asking people from different countries to do a decade each. Also, we would love to hear your response.

The reflection was inspired and written by Maria Antoine.  The narrator is Suzanne Lynn who does a marvellous job of interpreting Maria’s inspirations.  The whole piece including the five decades takes about an hour.  It is worth while to relax and come into the full reflection slowly.  You may prefer to take it in easy stages, for example one decade of the Rosary at a time.

The Rosary is a deeply spiritual prayer.  It is based on the life of Christ as written in the Gospels. It is Mother Mary who takes us through the events of her Son in His life on earth.  Mary will always lead us to her Son Jesus.  If we want to know more about Jesus, reflect on His life while reciting the Rosary. Mary will bring you into a deep union with Christ. Her deepest desire is for all of her children on earth to have a deep relationship with Jesus.  We are His brothers and sisters and it is His Mother who will teach us.

The meditation on the Rosary is an intimate and personal prayer of discovery. We are led into the presence of Jesus as we allow the reflection to direct us.



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