Our Ladys white prayer shawl


Irish Blessing Shawl dedicated to Our Lady


Our Ladys white Prayer Shawl

Our Lady’s white Prayer Shawl

A Blessed Call to Love has introduced a white satin cotton Our Ladys white prayer shawl, made in Ireland to compliment our range of prayer shawls. This white one is dedicated to Our Lady the Mother of Jesus.  As you wrap yourself in the prayer shawl you can feel the warmpt our Blessed Mother Mary brings.

Prayer shawls have been around for centuries. Irish prayer shawls are symbolic of the all embracing love of God. The Irish blessing prayer shawls are an effort to enhance the effectiveness of the symbolic nature of the shawl. When worn we can contemplate God’s enfolding love wrapped around us as we meditate. We invite St Therese to join us in our prayer of intercession. The shawl reminds us of a mother’s hug; they comfort and give solace. We pray that all who wear this shawl will feel serene, a peaceful calm. As you rest under the shawl in a quiet atmosphere we pray you may receive healing and blessing from the Lord.

This simply designed white Irish blessing prayer shawl has an image of St Therese of Lisieux on it. It is 40 inches by 18 inches in size.

Jesus being a Jew would have observed the law and worn a Tallit or prayer shawl.

Matthew 14; 36
They implored Him that they might only touch the fringe of His garment. And as many as touched it were made well.

Luke 8; 44
She came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His garment, and immediately her discharge ceased.

2 Kings 2; 13
Elisha picked up Elijah’s cloak which had fallen, and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan.

Psalm 46; 10
Be still and know that I am God

Get the Our Lady’s white prayer shawl now and feel the comfort only the Mother of Jesus can give.

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