St Francis of Assisi Book


St Francis of Assisi Book – by Fr Tom Russell OFM, Ireland


St Francis of Assisi Book

St Francis of Assisi Book – an ideal Christmas gift about one of the world’s most beloved Saints.

Written by a Franciscan priest in Clonmel Monastery, Ireland, this St Francis of Assisi book takes you to the home of music, to Italy of course.  This land of Boccelli, Bartoli, Puccini and Respighi keeps bearing the fruit only a sound tree can produce.

Mussolini once said that, “St Francis was the most Italian of the Saints and the most saintly of the Italians.”  Please loosen your imagination as we sing along with St Francis of Assisi, once described by St Bonaventure as the “true singer and adorer of God.”

A rich young nobleman, Bernard of Quintaville, noticed Francis’s lifestyle and invited him to his house.  He was curious about his guest.  He observed Francis “praying all night praising God and the most Blessed Virgin and Mother”.  We read of Francis that “He sang in the streets and public places the praise of God as if drunk in the Spirit”.  Also how he began to make the forests resound with the praise of the Creator sung in a mighty voice and with great joy of spirit.  Clearly his conversion to follow the living Lord had unleashed and focused in a fresh way all his youthful energy and enthusiasm.

This St Francis of Assisi Book has just been published by a Franciscan priest, Tom Russell OFM, in Clonmel Monastery.


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