St Jacinta watercolour painting



St Jacinta Watercolour Painting

St Jacinta watercolour painting of the young shepherdess Jacinta to whom Our Lady appeared in 1917 who will be declared a saint on May 13th 2017

The St Jacinta watercolour painting comes from an original watercolour painting at A Blessed Call to Love. The painting is based on the icon by the Slovenian priest Marko Ivan Rupnik. The image is unique and came through the prayer life of Maria Antoine. It depicts the young Fatima shepherdess Jacinta holding the symbolic image of Jesus as the Pascal Lamb.  Jacinta became devoted to Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist spending as much time as she could in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament after Our Lady appeared to the three children at Fatima. The painting is now available for download as are all our paintings.

Also, these beautifully painted original art works, unique to A Blessed Call to Love, are available for download to support our ministry of getting our Irish Blessings out into the world. Please SUPPORT US in our work.

First of all, the paintings are scriptural. They have come up through our prayer team.

For example;

Elisha receiving Elijah’s cloak and double the portion of his spirit as the whirlwind takes Elijah up into Heaven. 2 Kings Chapter 2

The image of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai. Exodus chapter 34

The image of Jesus being baptised in the Jordan by John the Baptist. Luke 3; 21-22

A beautiful image is a lovely way to introduce children to the Scriptures. The word of God is alive and active. The pictures can be visual aids to the word.

Our Lady of Joy is also unique to A Blessed Call to Love. It also came through prayer. It is in honour of her seven joys. We pray that the joy of Mary’s Immaculate Heart will come to every heart and home. We hope the Holy Family will be the centre of the joy in your home.

The image of Our Lady of sorrows is unique too to A Blessed Call to Love. It is in honour of her seven sorrows.

However, see our prayer page for full details.

Finally, download your Irish Blessings St Jacinta watercolour painting now and tell a friend about it.

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