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Vastness of Gods love


Vastness of God’s love by Maria Antoine





Vastness of Gods love

The Vastness of God’s love meditation is an imaginery flight into the spiritual world where we can encounter Jesus.  Maria Antoine wrote the reflection that we might have an insight into how we can let our spirit soar.  From the top of a high mountain we can survey the vastness of God’s creation below us.  We can also contemplate His creation above us.  In this track if we let our imagination take flight like a bird we can let ourselves be free to contemplate the wonders of all God’s creation.  The Holy Spirit can work on an open receptive heart.

The Vastness of God’s love meditation is about how God is constantly communicating with us.  He wants to be in our lives and reminds us of His presence.  He showers us with gifts through His creation around us and through the people we meet each day. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit grants us grace to uplift our minds into the reality of God’s presence.  Moreover, our words need to reflect the truth that is God.  Especially relevant is Maria Antoine’s words narrated by Suzanne Lynn in this inspired piece.

Our Irish blessings Meditations and Songs present the word of God from a different perspective.  Also, they come through the prayer life of Maria Antoine. They are original songs of praise written and sung by Maria.  The CDs are available to download or buy as hard copies and as downloadable individual music tracks.

Snippets of Song of Songs CDs

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Snippets of the Mediations

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Maria is a wife and mother.  She is not a professional singer. While praying, she sings spontaneously the praises of the Lord and her songs come from the heart. While some flow directly and are recorded in one take, with music being added later, others need the help of a sound engineer and musicians to bring to fruition. On occasion, we have recorded some songs with a professional singer.

As a result, A Blessed Call to Love have put together a number of these songs and meditations in CD form because we want them to go out into the world.  We hope hearts may be touched and comforted. Maria hopes that these Irish blessings music songs will help people find peace in their hearts in the stillness of God’s love.

In conclusion, get your copy of Vastness of God’s Love  now and share.

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