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Immaculate Heart of Mary Battery Candle

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The Immaculate Heart of Mary battery candle.


Immaculate Heart of Mary Battery Candle

Immaculate Heart of Mary  with light is to honour the Mother of God.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary is a devotional name used to refer to the interior life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It reflects her joys and sorrows, her virtues and hidden perfections.  Also, it reflects her virginal love for God the Father.   Her maternal love for her son Jesus, and her compassionate love for all people.

The Eastern Catholic Churches occasionally utilize the image, devotion, and theology associated with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  However, the Roman Catholic view is based on Mariology.   Pope John Paul II‘s Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae highlights this.

Traditionally, the heart is depicted pierced with seven wounds or swords.  This is homage to the seven dolors of Mary.  Also, roses or other types of flowers may be wrapped around the heart.

Historically, devotion to the Heart of Mary grew up in parallel, with that of devotion to the Heart of Jesus.  It became more prominent during the time of St John Eudes. John Eudes was born in 1601 in Normandy, France. He entered the Congregation of the Oratory of France. He was ordained to the priesthood on December 20, 1625.

St John Eudes

St. John brought people to love Christ and the Virgin Mary.  Also, he spoke tirelessly about their Heart, the sign of the love God shows for us.

To offer them liturgical worship, he composed Masses and Offices in their honor. He had the first Feast of the Holy Heart of Mary celebrated on February 8, 1648.  Also, the Feast of the Heart of Jesus celebrated on October 20, 1672.

Nevertheless, it was the “Miraculous Medal” vision made to Catherine Labouré in 1830.  The Immaculate Heart of Mary, devotion became really well known from 1836.

Since then the devotion has gradually grown more widespread in the Church.  The apparitions at Fatima highlighted the devotion.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary leads to Jesus

The devotion is not an end in itself.  Consequently, the love of Mary’s heart meant to be a model for the way we should love God.  Mary’s heart is immaculate, that is sinless.  She the only fully human person who is able to really love God in the way that he should be loved.

Honoring Mary’s Immaculate Heart is really just another way of honoring Mary.  She is the person who chosen to be the Mother of God.

The aim of  the devotion is to unite mankind to God through Mary’s heart.  Also. this process involves the ideas of consecration and reparation. A person consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart as a devotion to God. This involves a total gift of self.   This is only possible with reference to God.  Mary is our intermediary in this process of consecration.

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