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Exclusive Gift Set 10 - St Anne (Patron for Grandmothers)


St Anne Set (Patron for Grandmothers) – Exclusive Gift

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Exclusive Gift Set 10 – St Anne (Patron for Grandmothers)

Exclusive Gift Set 10 – St Anne, or Ann, is the mother of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. There is no mention of Anne in the bible. Non-biblical books from the early Christian centuries acknowledge Mary’s parents as Joachim and Anne.

Made universal by Pope Gregory XIII, the church celebrates her feast day along with Joachim, on July 26th. St. Anne, Hebrew for Hannah, meaning “grace”, eventually became the patron saint of married women and childless couples. Artistic representations show St. Anne with her child Mary on her lap holding Christ Jesus.

As the woman chosen by God to be the Mother of His Son, the Virgin Mary is known around the world as a good, holy, and exceptional woman. Certainly she must have had extraordinary parents whose example of faith and trust in the Lord impacted her in a way that would change the course of history forever! These parents, named Joachim and Anne, have honored throughout the ages for their dedication to raising their daughter, Mary, to be a woman fully devoted to God.

St. Anne often depicted as a seated woman with a book upon her lap and the child Mary leaning against her, eager to learn. This image tells us what we know of St. Anne, as well as the reason St. Anne honored to this day.

St. Anne had a unique position in which God entrusted to her the task of bringing up Our Lady in a holy and virtuous way. While teaching Mary to cook, take care of her home, and look after her family and neighbors, St. Anne modeled for the Virgin Mary a life of prayer, love, and humility.


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