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Exclusive Gift Set 21 - St John of God and St Andrew Avellino


St John of God and St Andrew Avellino Set – Exclusive Gift

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Exclusive Gift Set 21 – St John of God and St Andrew Avellino

Exclusive Gift Set 21 – St John God St Andrew Avellino.

He is venerated as the patron saint of Naples and Sicily. Also, he is invoked especially against sudden death.

Born in a small town, his baptismal name Lancelotto. He changed it to Andrew when he entered the Order of Threatines. He  sent to Venice to pursue a course in the humanities and in philosophy. Being a handsome youth, his chastity often exposed to danger. Female admirers took an interest in him. To escape their importunities he took ecclesiastical tonsure

Hereupon he went to Naples to study canon and civil law. He obtained the degree of Doctor of Laws and ordained priest at the age of twenty-six. For some time he held the office of the lawyer at the ecclesiastical court of Naples.

Andrew enters the Order of Theatines

The Archbishop of Naples now commissioned him to reform a convent at Naples, which by the laxity of its discipline had become a source of great scandal. By his own example and his untiring zeal he restored the religious discipline of the convent but not without many and great difficulties. Certain wicked men who accustomed to have clandestine meetings with the nuns became exasperated at the saint’s interference, and one night he assaulted and severely wounded. He brought to the monastery of the Theatines to recuperate. Here, however, he resolved to devote himself entirely to God and he entered the Order of Threatines, which had but recently founded by St Catejen. In 1556, on the vigil of the Assumption, he invested, being then thirty-five years of age. He took the name of Andrew in honor of the apostle.

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