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Exclusive Gift Set 29 – Little Nellie Organ


Little Nellie Organ Set – Exclusive Gift


Exclusive Gift Set 29 – Little Nellie Organ

Exclusive Gift Set 29 – Little Nellie of the Holy God — 1903-1908

Little Nellie Organ Set was the last of four children born to Mary and William Organ (a soldier) on 24th August 1903, at the Royal Artillery Barracks, in Ireland. Both of her parents were very devout Catholics. Mrs. Organ died when Nellie was a baby.  Nellie and her sister were sent to the Good Shepherd Sisters in Cork.

They knew nothing of Nellie’s injured back, caused by being dropped as a baby. But they saw that the regulation shoes were too heavy so they got a fine pair of slipper shoes. Sitting still was always the cause of bitter tears to Nellie on account of her weak spine. The Sister sent a pupil to take off the dainty shoes.

During a doctors visit to Nellie his verdict was that she was already very consumptive. He held no hopes for her recovery. Sister Mary Immaculata´s heart pierced with regret for what she called her “harshness” to the suffering child.

Her love for Jesus

Nellie thought a statue of the Child of Prague was a doll. When she told it  Holy God as a child, she became interested. Nurse Hall made a novena for her and when at the end she felt better and was able to get up, Nellie greatly impressed. One day when Nurse Hall was ill, Nellie called a girl, “Quick, quick, bring Holy God, put Him on the chair near me, it is He that will cure Mama, you will see.” Then she embraced the statue and put it on the ground and said, “Now, little Jesus, dance for me.”

“What nonsense,” said the girl. “You know he can’t dance.” And she went on with her work.

Nellie took her little trumpet, began blowing, and called out enraptured, “Look, look, see how he dances.” Another girl came but they saw nothing except Nellie, sparkling eyes and cheeks aglow. When she was not able to blow the trumpet anymore she called on the girl to “blow more music”. In a few moments she called out, “He has stopped!” and her face regained its usual calm. One of the Sisters, hearing of this incident, said, “Dear Lord, if you really did dance for Nellie, give us money for a bakehouse which we badly need.” A few days later £300 came from a lady marked: For A Bakehouse.

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