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Exclusive Gift Set 30 - Fr Peter Rookey Miracle Priest


Fr Peter Rookey Miracle Priest Set – Exclusive Gift

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Exclusive Gift Set 30 – Fr Peter Rookey Miracle Priest

Exclusive Gift Set 30 – Fr Peter Rookey Miracle Priest died peacefully in his sleep on September 10th. Today I told him goodbye at his funeral Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows in Chicago. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go to his funeral with my current medical problems. I didn’t know if I was capable of making this 3 hour car trip by myself, but I asked Father Rookey to please help me make it happen.

He was with me all the way there and back home. “Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with Father Rookey for almost 98 years.

Father Rookey was born in Wisconsin October 12, 1916 to a large Catholic family. As a child he was blinded by a firecracker he happened to pick up on the fourth of July. He and his brother were curious about the used fireworks around their neighborhood. He found a live one and blew on it to reignite it.

One the way home he heard his mother’s upset voice saying something like:” No, I don’t believe it. Peter will see again. He will!! We’re going to say the rosary every day together as a family”. And they did, and gradually his sight returned. It was a miracle. It was during this time of prayer and healing that Father Rookey, even though still a child, received his calling to become a priest. Father Rookey dedicated his life to those who needed him most.

My first experience with Father Rookey was when friends told me to call him. They knew I was terribly upset over something, but they didn’t know at the time that my son was in the hospital for trying to kill himself.

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