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Exclusive Gift Set 57 - St Giles (Patron for Depression)


Exclusive Gift Set 57 – St Giles (Patron for Depression)

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Exclusive Gift Set 57 – St Giles (Patron for Depression)

Exclusive Gift Set 57 – St Giles also known as Giles the Hermit. Was a Greek,Christian, hermit saint from Athens. Whose life is centered in Provence and Septimania. Giles founded the abbey in Saint-Gilles-du-Gard whose tomb became a place of pilgrimage. It was a stop on the road that led from Arles to Santiago de Compostela. The pilgrim Way of St. James. Giles is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

Giles first lived in retreats near the mouth of the Rhône and by the River Gard in Septimania, in today’s southern France. The story that he was the son of King Theodore and Queen Pelagia of Athens is probably an embellishment of his early hagiographers. It given wide currency in the Legenda Aurea. The two main incidents in his legend were often depicted in art.

The Legenda Aurea links him with Arles, but finally he withdrew deep into the forest near Nîmes. Where in the greatest solitude he spent many years. His sole companion being his dear deer, or red deer. Who in some stories sustained him on her milk. Giles ate a Christian vegetarian diet. This retreat finally discovered by the king’s hunters. Who had pursued the hind to its place of refuge. An arrow shot at the deer wounded the saint instead. Who afterwards became a patron of the physically disabled. The king, by legend, was Wamba, an anachronistic Visigoth. But must have been a Frank in the original story due to the historical setting. He held the hermit in high esteem for his humility in rejecting all honors save having some disciples. Wamba built him a monastery in his valley, Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, which Giles placed under the Benedictine rule. He died there in the early part of the 8th century. With the highest repute for sanctity and miracles.

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