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Exclusive Gift Set 9 – St Robert Bellarmine and St Agrippina


St Robert Bellarmine and St Agrippina Set – Exclusive Gift


Exclusive Gift Set 9 – St Robert Bellarmine and St Agrippina

Exclusive Gift Set 9 – St Robert St Agrippina

Born on October 4, 1542 in the Tuscan town of Montepulciano. His uncle was a cardinal who later became Pope Marcellus II. Robert received his education from the Jesuit order, which had received written papal approval only two years before his birth.

Robert becomes a Jesuit

In September of 1560, Robert entered the Jesuit order himself. He studied philosophy for three years in Rome.  He then taught humanities until 1567, when he began a study of theology that lasted until 1569. Subsequently, the final stage of his training emphasized the refutation of Protestant errors.

Near the end of the 1580s, the esteemed theologian became “Spiritual Father” to the Roman College. He served as a guide to St. Aloysius Gonzaga near the end of the young Jesuit’s life.  Also, he helped produce the authoritative Latin text of the Bible called for by the recent Council of Trent.

Around the century’s end Robert became an advisor to Pope Clement VIII. The Pope named him a cardinal in 1599. Also, he declared him to be the most educated man in the Church. Robert played a part in a debate between Dominicans and Jesuits regarding grace.  The Pope later decided to appoint and consecrate him as the Archbishop of Capua.

The cardinal archbishop’s three years in Capua stood out as an example of fidelity to the reforming spirit and decrees of the Council of Trent. He was considered as a possible Pope in two successive elections.  However, the thought of becoming Pope disturbed him and in the end he was never chosen.

Saint Agrippina

Her legend states that she a blonde princess born of a noble Roman family.  She martyred during the reign of Roman Emperor Valerian.  She either beheaded or scourged to death.

Her body said to have taken to Mineo, Sicily. Three devout Christian women named Bassa, Paula,  and Agatonica, brought her.  Their travels aided by angels.  Alban Butler says that the reputed acts in the Greek Menaia are quite unreliable  There no evidence forthcoming of any cultus of early date.

Saint Agrippina greatly honored in Sicily and, to a lesser degree, in Greece.  There it said that her relics translated from Sicily to Constantinople. Her tomb became a popular pilgrimage destination.  She invoked as a patron saint against evil spirits, leprosy, and thunderstorms.

Her feast day no longer celebrated in the Catholic Church, however it celebrated in the Orthodox Church on June 23.

There are two Catholic Churches named after Saint Agrippina. One church called Church of St Agrippina is located in Mineo and the Chapel of Saint Agrippina di Mineo in Boston. Immigrants from Mineo to Boston’s North End have celebrated their patron saint for over 100 years on the first week of August.


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