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Oil Dedicated to Blessed Maria Gargani

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Oil Dedicated to Blessed Maria Gargani


Oil Dedicated to Blessed Maria Gargani

Blessed Maria Gargani (23 December 1892 – 23 May 1973) in religion Maria Crocifissa del Divino Amore. An Italian Roman Catholic professed religious who a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. Founder of the Sisters Apostles of the Sacred Heart. Gargani involved with Catholic Action during her teaching career.

Best known for having been a close friend and correspondent with Pio from Pietrelcina from World War I until the saint’s death in 1968.

The saint wrote a total of 67 letters to Gargani during this period. The cause for her beatification opened in 1988. She became titled as a Servant of God. Pope Francis named her as Venerable in mid 2017. Later approved a miracle attributed to her in 2018 which confirmed she would be beatified. The beatification took place in Naples in the metropolitan cathedral on 2 June 2018.

Maria Gargani born in the evening on 23 December 1892 in Morra de Sanctis. Last of eight children to Rocco Gargani and Angiolina De Paola. Her devout father instructed the children in catechism. It was from him that Gargani’s faith grew over time. Her education spent in her hometown before finishing it in Avellino. She was the guest of an uncle.

In 1915 her advisor Agostino Daniele summoned to serve in World War I. As a chaplain and entrusted her to the spiritual care of the Franciscan Capuchin priest Padre Pi. While advising Gargani to maintain correspondence with the friar. Gargani made first contact with the friar at the beginning of August 1916 via letter.

The first letter Pio wrote to her dated 26 August 1916. Pio became a spiritual guide for Gargani as a source of moral support. The two met for the first time face-to-face in the Capuchin convent at San Marco la Catola in mid April 1918.

She made her perpetual profession a month later on 22 July. Pope John XXIII granted her order full pontifical approval on 12 March 1963. Gargani died in mid 1973 in her room in Naples. Her remains were later exhumed and relocated to the order’s motherhouse on 17 May 1992.

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