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Oil Dedicated to Giulia Gabrieli


Giulia Gabrieli Healing Oil

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Oil Dedicated to Giulia Gabrieli

14 year old Giulia Gabrieli passed away at a young age on August 19, 2011, while the Way of the Cross for young people at World Youth Day in Madrid was coming to an end. At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with sarcoma following a visit to the hospital for a swollen left hand. She would pass away two years later, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.

Giulia was a normal girl both before and after the diagnosis of a tumor in the Summer of 2009. She was attractive and outgoing. She enjoyed travelling, shopping, dressing well. Giulia also had a great talent for writing and even won writing contests on two occasions. She loved inventing fictional stories and adventures. In fact, she even compared her illness to another one of her adventures.

Upon receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, she was struck by the priest’s words in the homily that spoke of the Sacrament as a gift of the Spirit that enables us to bear witness to Christ. She herself wrote, “I didn’t realize that I could do this, too… And two months later this illness appeared. Here I am and I’m living this illness as a Confirmation commitment.”

The illness was not easy

The early days of the illness were not easy. The initial cycles of chemotherapy were followed by difficult moments and intense mood swings. Giulia felt agitated and her entire body trembled. She spent the whole day crying. She even asked her parents, “Where is God? Didn’t He tell me to pray, can’t He do great miracles and alleviate all kinds of pain? Why doesn’t He cure me? Where is He?” They were very hard days, marked by moments of despair. In fact, even the doctors thought that she might suffer a psychological breakdown.

Both her parents and a priest friend encouraged her to continue trusting in God, even though she felt nothing, and to continue seeking an answer. The answer finally came in Padua. She had originally gone there for radiation therapy and took advantage to visit the Basilica of St. Anthony as well. As she was resting her hand on the saint’s tomb, a woman came over and placed her hand over hers. “She didn’t say anything to me, but she had a look on her face as if to say, ‘Don’t worry. Keep going. God is with you.’ I had walked into the basilica upset and in tears, and walked out with a smile and joyful at the thought that God has never abandoned me.”

Discovering God in everything

From that moment on, she began discovering God in everything and she realized that God had really been holding her close. She herself wrote, “Go back to the Lord and you’ll see how things change for the better. It’s not like a magic wand, but little by little the Lord makes everything get better.” That was how Giulia lived her path of suffering with hope and was able to convey this to her family, friends, doctors, and fellow patients in the hospital.

“I often feel sick. I am afraid of the effects of the therapy, but the thought that comes to me is that every day, He leads me on my way, step by step, alongside the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother. Just thinking that He is with me, that He is looking out for me, all this helps me to put on a smile and feel better.”

Giulia acknowledged two people in particular, who helped her along the way. One was Chiara Luce, who died at the age of 18 in 1990 of bone cancer and was beatified on September 25, 2010. Giulia wrote, “She has already passed away, but she was able to live this experience in such a bright and cheerful manner, embracing God’s will for her. I want to learn to follow her example, doing everything she did in spite of her illness. Her illness didn’t cause her to abandon the Lord, but to grow closer to Him…”

Our Lady helped her

Our Lady also played an important role in Giulia’s life. Her love for Mary increased greatly thanks to her two visits to Medjugorje. The second trip had been what she asked for as a birthday gift. One day, she spoke in front of a group of young people saying, “Words cannot describe Medjugorje. All I can say is that Our Lady’s love is so intense, so strong, that it bursts forth into prayer, conversion, love for our neighbor.”

She was also very grateful to her doctors, her “superheroes” as she called them, whom she encouraged and consoled when they had to give her unpleasant updates on her illness. She never dramatized her situation and always assured that everything was fine. The constant progression of her illness increased Giulia’s frequent contact with hospital personnel. According to them, these encounters with Giulia were life-changing. Pediatrician Pieremilio Cornelli commented, “I now understand the value of life and love; I experienced it in this young woman’s life.”

A nurse named Bruna Togni adds, “When she [first] walked into the hospital, for me she was just another one of the patients I was used to seeing every day, but thanks to her I realized that I had only been living on the surface of reality. There was something about her – I couldn’t put my finger on it – but it was powerful.” The beauty of that new friendship led her to begin again with renewed enthusiasm. “I began thinking about what had led me to undertake such a special profession as nursing. I’ve learned to penetrate people’s hearts, to look into their eyes.”

Her life became a witness to Christ’s

She was able to transform her two years of illness into a hymn to life, a moment of spiritual growth, that led her to say, “Now I know that my story only has two possible endings: my complete healing, thanks to a miracle – something I am asking the Lord for, because I have many dreams I would like to fulfill. Or perhaps, encountering myself with the Lord, which is a beautiful thing. Both are good endings. The important thing, as Blessed Chiara Luce says, is that God’s will be done.”

Giulia believed in miracles, but something inside her told her that the miracles would be for others, especially for the sick children at the hospital, and not for herself. Thus, towards the end, when each day seemed more unbearable and the “weapons” of her “superheroes” seemed powerless, she began praying for herself, always adding, “if it is God’s will.”

Her mother, Sara Gabrieli, comments, “My daughter lived her illness as a mission, a witness, and a self-conversion.” One day, Giulia spoke of her experience of suffering and love to a group of young people saying, “The first thing in need of healing is our heart, and our soul. Physical health comes next!” In the last days of her earthly life, Giulia wrote a moving prayer marked by great simplicity in which she only gave thanks to God, without asking for anything.

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