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Oil Dedicated to Paul VI

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The St Paul VI is dedicated to the cardinal who became pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 1963. He reigned during a period of great change and in the Church.  Also, he presided  over the Second Vatican Council.


Oil Dedicated to St Paul VI

The St Paul VI is dedicated to the cardinal who became pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 1963. He reigned during a period of great change and in the Church.  Also, he presided  over the Second Vatican Council.

The future pope was born on September 26, 1897. His father was Giorgio Montini and his mother was Giuditta Alghisi Montini,.

Montini was ordained to the priesthood on May 29, 1920.  Eventually, he entered the papal school for foreign-service training. He was assigned duties in the Vatican Secretariat of State.  Subsequently, this was to be his place of work for the next 31 years.

Early Career

In 1932, Pacelli was elected pope, taking the name Pius XII.  The new pontiff retained Montini in his regular duties.   In 1944 he became undersecretary for ordinary affairs.  He dealt with the Church’s internal administration.

Montini directed the Vatican’s extensive war relief services. He did much to rescue and hide political refugees.  Also, he tried to prevent their falling into the hands of the German and Italian forces. He acted as liaison between the Vatican and the Americans sent to Italy.  They established the War Relief Services.  He got involved  resettling displaced persons.

Archbishop of Milan

In November 1954 Montini was appointed archbishop of Milan.  He was soon deeply involved in the active pastoral ministry. During his 8 years in Milan, Montini blessed or consecrated 72 churches.  Also, he left another 19 under construction at his departure. He made the staggering total of 694 visitations to parishes. Pius’s successor, John XXIII, elevated Montini to cardinal in 1958.

John XXIII died on June 3, 1963. On June 19 Cardinal Montini entered the Sistine Chapel with 79 other cardinals.  Two days later he was elected pope.  He took the name Paul VI. He was crowned on June 30 held in St. Peter’s Square.

Second Vatican Council

John XXIII had opened the Second Vatican Council on Oct. 11, 1962.  Subsequently, this was a profound and disconcerting change for the Catholic Church. By Church law, an ecumenical council ceases upon the death of the pope who convoked it.  Also, its continuation rests solely upon the judgment of his successor.  Pope Paul wanted to remove all doubts instantly and fully.   He announced that the council would go on.  Consequently, he convoked the second session for September 29.

They had four sessions and the publication of 16 vital documents.  The council came to its solemn close on December 8, 1965.  Subsequently, Pope Paul worked tirelessly to implement its pronouncements.

Pope Paul and Ecumenism

Paul VI showed an especial concern for the relations of the Catholic Church with other religious bodies.  His goal was eventual Christian unity.  However, the Pope frequently cautioned against any attempt to modify essential Catholic teachings. He insisted that unity cannot be brought about at the expense of doctrine.

Encyclicals and Travels

“On Human Life” (July 25, 1968;) was one of the best-known and most widely discussed papal documents in history. It upheld the Church’s traditional teaching on contraception.  Also, this teaching had already been stated with clarity by Pius XI and Pius XII.

A unique feature of Pope Paul’s reign, was his travels to so many parts of the world.

The greatest of the world’s problems was, that of lasting peace. Pope Paul’s pontificate took place in a time of international tension and dangers. No pope ever worked harder to achieve world peace.

Pope Paul died of a heart attack on August 6, 1978.   He was succeeded by John Paul I.

The first miracle involving Pope Paul VI took place in California in the 1990s. It also concerned an unborn which was found to have a serious health problem that could mean brain damage. Doctors advised that it be aborted, but the mother entrusted her pregnancy to Paul VI. The child was born healthy.

On the basis of that miracle Pope Francis beatified Blessed Paul VI in October 2014, at the conclusion of the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family.

The second miracle attributed to Pope Paul VI concerned the healing of an unborn in the fifth month of pregnancy. According to the Catholic News Agency the mother, from Verona in Italy, had an illness that risked her own life and the life of her unborn and was advised to have an abortion.

A few days after the beatification of Paul VI by Pope Francis in October 2014, the mother prayed to the now Blessed Paul VI at a shrine in Lombardy and the baby girl was later born in good health.

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