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Oil Dedicated to Rebecca Rocamora Nadal

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Oil Dedicated to Rebecca Rocamora Nadal

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Oil Dedicated to Rebecca Rocamora Nadal

Rebecca Rocamora Nadal was born in Granja de Rocamora (Alicante, Spain) on September 7, 1975 in the household formed by Francisco Óscar Rocamora Ramón and Mª del Rosario Nadal Bernabeu. She is the second of four sisters. Before his birth, his mother suffers a natural abortion of which she is very delicate.

Although a new pregnancy was in danger, God was watching over this girl to see the light, because she comes into the world so healthy and strong and with so much joy for those around her, that the midwife who assists in childbirth announces to her parents: You have had an angel blonde with sky eyes. Two weeks after being born, on September 21, he received Baptism in his Parish of San Pedro Apóstol, where the name of Rebeca was imposed, whose meaning: bond, the one that binds, would suit him very well. It is added, in addition, that of Mary so that the Stma.

Physically very graceful: blonde, with wavy hair, fair complexion, large and expressive blue eyes, she drew attention by the clarity of her eyes and her smile. Educated in a Christian family environment, from her parents she will gradually learn to love God, mature in faith and grow as a person. These teachings, especially joy and love for simplicity, will penetrate your receptive heart and translate into your actions.

For although he always had a will clearly inclined towards the good. They will help him to allow himself to perfected by grace. To which he will respond faithfully and gradually according to his age. He attends his primary studies at the San Pedro Apóstol Public School in his hometown. Since she was little, she has been willful, vital, jovial. And with a preferential place in her heart for those in need of any kind. She loves to have fun and play with her sisters, friends or family, always being the soul of countless house parties, which she organizes with great skill and ingenuity.

The celebration of Christmas Eve stands out especially, which lives in a very particular and intense way. At 8 years of age, on June 3, 1984, he made his First Communion. Her parish priest, showing the joy that comes from receiving Jesus, tells her: Rebecca, never lose that smile; something that he will faithfully accomplish even in the most extreme and painful of circumstances.

It will be precisely from this moment. When the Lord begins to mold his soul in the shadow of the Cross through illness. And Rebecca, from her innocence. To respond generously in everything that God presents to her. She herself will write in her catechetical book. Accept with pleasure the Lord’s call. Without fear of what he may ask of you and the following promise to Jesus.

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