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Oil Dedicated to Servant of God Giovanni Cazzani

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Oil Dedicated to Servant of God Giovanni Cazzani

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Oil Dedicated to Servant of God Giovanni Cazzani

Servant of God Giovanni (4 March 1867 – 26 August 1952) an Italian archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church. Who served as the head of the Diocese of Cremona. He granted the title of archbishop in 1944 despite leading a diocese. He had led the Diocese of Cesena prior to his elevation to his new see.

Cazzani hailed as one of the most distinguished to lead the diocese of Cremona for his deep piousness and his vast culture. Cazzani’s cause of sainthood commenced on 2 April 2015 thus granting him the posthumous title Servant of God.

Cazzani born in Pavia on 4 March 1867 to Vincenzo Cazzani and Amalia Trovati. He had seven siblings and was left motherless at the age of twelve. Cazzani commenced his studies for the priesthood and was ordained at the age of 22 on 1 November 1889.

Following this he assigned to teach seminarians and at the college of Saint Augustine. He continued his own studies and graduated with honors in philosophical studies in 1892 and then with the completion of his theological studies in 1893 in Milan.

He also served as the private assistant to the Archbishop of Ravenna in 1901 until the latter’s death in 1902.

Pope Pius X appointed him as the Bishop of Cesena on 5 August 1904. He installed in his new diocese in 1904 and received his episcopal consecration as a result of his elevation. He also an acquainted with the Archbishop of Bologna Cardinal Giacomo della Chiesa who became Pope Benedict XV in 1914. Appointed him as the Bishop of Cremona in 1914 during the onslaught of World War I which he opposed to.

Pope Pius XII granted him the title of archbishop in 1944 “ad personam”. As a bishop he published 38 pastoral letters and completed a total of six pastoral visits to all parishes across his diocese.

Cazzani died on 26 August 1952.


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