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Oil Dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandrina 2 (Patron for Unmarried Girls)


Oil Dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandrina  (Patron for Unmarried Girls)


Oil Dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandrina 2 (Patron for Unmarried Girls)

St Catherine of Alexandrina born around 287 in Alexandria, Egypt. At that time, Alexandria was one of the finest cities in the world, and a center of learning and culture as well as faith.

Christian tradition states of noble birth, possibly a princess. As a member of the nobility, she also educated and an avid scholar. Around the age of fourteen, she experienced a moving vision of Mary and the infant Jesus, and she decided to become a Christian.

Although she a teenager, very intelligent and gifted. When the emperor Maxentius began persecuting Christians, Catherine visited him to denounce his cruelty.

Rather than order her execution, Maxentius summoned fifty orators and philosophers to debate her. However, Catherine moved by the power of the Holy Spirit and spoke eloquently in defense of her faith. Her words were so moving that several of the pagans converted to Christianity and were immediately executed. Unable to defeat her rhetorically or to intimidate her into giving up her belief, the emperor ordered her to be tortured and imprisoned.

Catherine’s Death

Catherine arrested and scourged. Despite the torture, she did not abandon her faith. Word of her arrest and the power of her faith quickly spread and over 200 people visited her.

Following her imprisonment, Maxentius made a final attempt to persuade the beautiful Catherine to abandon her faith by proposing marriage to her. This would have made her a powerful empress. Catherine refused, saying she married to Jesus Christ and that her virginity dedicated to him.

The emperor angrily ordered her to executed on a breaking wheel. The breaking wheel is an ancient form of torture where a person’s limbs threaded among the spokes and their bones shattered by an executioner with a heavy rod. It is a brutal punishment that results in a slow and painful death, normally reserved for the worst criminals.

When Catherine presented before the wheel, she touched it and a miracle occurred that caused the wheel to shatter. Unable to torture her to death, the emperor simply ordered her beheaded.

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