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Oil Dedicated to St Dorothy (Patron for Love)

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Oil Dedicated to St Dorothy (Patron for Love)

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Oil Dedicated to St Dorothy (Patron for Love)


St. Dorothy, beacon of compassion and kindness, we turn to you in our moments of need. Just as you bore witness to the boundless love of Christ, we seek your guidance in cultivating empathy and warmth in our own hearts. Like the flowers that miraculously bloomed in your presence, may the seeds of generosity and selflessness sprout within us. St. Dorothy, intercede for us in times of difficulty, that we may face challenges with the same unwavering faith that you displayed. May your example inspire us to extend a helping hand to those around us, fostering a world filled with the fragrance of love and understanding. Amen.


1 John 4:16 

“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and anyone who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in them.”


St Dorothy Patron Love of Caesarea (Dorothea, Dora; often just called Saint Dorothy, died ca. 311 AD) a 4th-century virgin martyr who executed at Caesarea Mazaca. Evidence for her actual historical existence or acta very sparse. She called a martyr of the late Diocletianic Persecution, although her death occurred after the resignation of Diocletian himself.

Dorothea and her companion, Theophilus, mentioned in the Roman Martyrology as martyrs of Caesarea in Cappadocia. A feast on 6 February. She officially recognized as a virgin martyr. However, since only those feast of saints should be extended to the universal church which commemorate saints who truly of universal significance, her feast no longer included in the General Roman Calendar, but in some regional calendars.

The earliest record that mentions Dorothea found in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum. This first record contains only three basic facts: the day of martyrdom, the place where it occurred, and her name and that of Theophilus.

Virgin and martyr, Dorothea of Caesarea¬† persecuted during the persecution of Diocletian, 6 February, 311, at Caesarea in Cappadocia. She brought before the prefect Sapricius, tried, tortured, and sentenced to death. On her way to the place of execution the pagan lawyer Theophilus said to her in mockery: “Bride of Christ, send me some fruits from your bridegroom’s garden.” Before she executed, she sent him, by a six-year-old boy. Her headdress which found to be filled with a heavenly fragrance of roses and fruits.

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