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Oil Dedicated to St Edmund (Educator)

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Oil Dedicated to St Edmund (Educator) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

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Oil Dedicated to St Edmund (Educator)

St Edmund (Educator) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Saint Edmund of Abingdon was an English scholar, churchman, and educator who lived during the 13th century. He was born in Abingdon, Berkshire, England, around 1175 and was the son of a wealthy merchant. Edmund received his early education from the local school, and then went on to study at Oxford University.

After completing his studies, Edmund became a teacher at the university, where he gained a reputation as a gifted scholar and educator. He was also ordained as a priest, and in 1222 he was appointed archdeacon of Salisbury.

Edmund known for his piety and his devotion to the Church, and in 1233 he appointed Bishop of Worcester. During his time as bishop, Edmund known for his efforts to promote education and literacy. He established schools and encouraged the study of Latin and Greek, as well as theology and philosophy.

In 1240, Edmund appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest office in the Church of England. As Archbishop, he continued to champion education and the study of theology, and he also worked to promote social justice and the rights of the poor.

Edmund was a strong advocate for the independence of the Church from secular authority, and he clashed with King Henry III over issues of taxation and the appointment of bishops. As a result, he  twice exiled from England, but he eventually allowed to return.

After his death in 1242, Edmund revered as a saint, and his tomb at Canterbury Cathedral became a popular destination for pilgrims. He canonized by Pope Innocent IV in 1247, and his feast day celebrated on November 16th.

St Edmund of Abingdon remembered as a dedicated scholar, churchman, and educator who worked tirelessly to promote education and literacy, and to defend the rights of the Church and the poor. His legacy continues to inspire people around the world today.


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