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Oil dedicated to St Fiacre (Patron Saint Invoked for Sufferer's of Hemorrhoids)


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Oil dedicated to St Fiacre (Patron Saint Invoked for Sufferer’s of Hemorrhoids)

St Fiacre not mentioned in the earlier Irish calendars. But it is said that he born in Ireland and that he sailed over into France in quest of closer solitude. In which he might devote himself to God, unknown to the world. He arrived at Meaux, where Saint Faro. Who was the bishop of that city? Gave him a solitary dwelling in a forest which his own patrimony called Breuil, in the province of Brie. There is a legend that St Faro offered him as much land as he could turn up in a day. And that St. Fiacre, instead of driving his furrow with a plow. Turned the top of the soil with the point of his staff.

The anchorite cleared the ground of trees and briers. Made himself a cell with a garden. Built an oratory in honor of the Blessed Virgin. And made a hospice for travelers which developed into the village of Saint-Fiacre in Seine-et-Marne. Many resorted to him for advice, and the poor, for relief. His charity moved him to attend cheerfully those that came to consult him. And in his hospice he entertained all comers, serving them with his own hands. And sometimes miraculously restored to health those that were sick.

He never allowed any woman to enter the enclosure of his hermitage. And Saint Fiacre extended the prohibition even to his chapel. Several rather ill-natured legends profess to account for it. Others tell us that those who attempted to transgress, punished by visible judgments. And that, for example, in 1620 a lady of Paris, who claimed to be above this rule. Going into the oratory, became distracted upon the spot and never recovered her senses. Whereas Anne of Austria, Queen of France. Was content to offer up her prayers outside the door, amongst the other pilgrims.

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