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Oil Dedicated to St Gemma (Patron for Back Pain)


Oil Dedicated to St Gemma (Patron for Back Pain)

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Oil Dedicated to St Gemma (Patron for Back Pain)

Prayer to Saint Gemma for Backpain and Healing was an Italian saint and mystic who received the stigmata (the wounds of our Lord).

She dedicated herself to God and to prayer and suffered greatly in her short life, dying at age 25. She is known as the Flower of Lucca and the Daughter of Passion.

Pray this novena for purity, for healing from back pain, headaches, and the loss of parents.

Gemma from an early age was dedicated to God through prayer.

She attended a school run by the Sisters of St Zita, but her poor health caused her to stop attending.

God blessed Gemma with mystical experiences, but many were skeptical of them and cast aspersions on her. She offered this contradiction and ill will to our Lord.

Her father died when she was 19 years old, and she bore the brunt of responsibility to rear her seven siblings.

As a young woman, multiple men proposed to her, but she refused them, desiring only to be with our Lord.

Gemma got meningitis and felt tempted to evil by Satan; she asked for the intercession of Gabriel Possenti, a Passionist seminarian now known as St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows. She was miraculously cured.

Desiring to enter religious life, Gemma sought entrance to the convent, but her chronically poor health caused her applications to be denied.

If you suffer from back pain, you may turn to prayer for relief. Saint Gemma is a popular saint known for her intercession in healing back pain. Here is a powerful prayer you can use to ask for her help in relieving your own back pain.

Saint Gemma, patron saint of those suffering from back pain, is known for her powerful intercession in healing those who suffer from this affliction. If you are experiencing back pain, you can turn to Saint Gemma for help. Here is a powerful prayer you can use to ask for her intercession and relief from your pain.

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