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Oil Dedicated to St Gianna Molla 2 (Patron for Doctors)

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Oil Dedicated to St Gianna Molla (Patron for Doctors)


Oil Dedicated to St Gianna Molla 2

The St Gianna Molla 2 is dedicated to the 20th century Italian doctor and saint.

St Gianna Molla applied her faith in a service for the elderly and needy.

In 1942, St Gianna Molla began her study of medicine in Milan. She was a diligent and hardworking student. Both at the university and in her  .

She received degrees in both medicine and surgery from the University of Pavia in 1949. 1950 she opened a medical office in Mesero.

In 1952, Gianna specialized in pediatrics at the University of Milan.  Subsequently, she especially drawn toward mothers, babies, the elderly and the poor.

Gianna considered the field of medicine to be her mission. And treated it as such. She increased her generous service to Catholic Action. And the Catholic Action movement is still at work today, throughout the world.

Gianna wanted to be a missionary

Gianna hoped to join her brother, a missionary priest in Brazil.  There she intended to offer her medical expertise in gynecology to poor women.

However, her chronic ill health made this impractical. She continued her practice in Italy.

Gianna chose the vocation of marriage. Also, she considered this to be a gift from God.  She embraced this gift with all her being.  She completely dedicated herself to “forming a truly Christian family.”

In December 1954, Gianna met Pietro Molla, an engineer who worked in her office. Subsequently, they officially engaged the following April.  They married in September 1955, making Gianna a happy wife.

Gianna wrote to Pietro, “Love is the most beautiful sentiment that the Lord has put into the soul of men and women.”

Gianna’s first child born

In November 1956, Gianna became a mother to her first child, Pierluigi. Their second child, Maria Zita. In December 1957, and their third, Laura, in July 1959.

Gianna handled motherhood with grace and was able to harmonize all aspects of her demanding life.

In 1961, Gianna became pregnant with her fourth child.  However, toward the end of her second month of pregnancy. Gianna was struck with an unimaginable pain.

Her doctors discovered she had developed a fibroma in her uterus.  She carrying both a baby and a tumor.

After examination, the doctors gave her three choices.  An abortion, which would save her life and allow her to continue to have children.  A complete hysterectomy. Which would preserve her life. But take the unborn child’s life, and prevent further pregnancy.  She could choose removal of only the fibroma. Which could save the life of her baby.

Gianna chooses life for her child

Catholic teaching affirms what medical science, the Natural Law. The Bible and unbroken Christian tradition affirm.  The child in the womb has a fundamental Human Right to Life.  Consequently, wanting to preserve her child’s life, Gianna opted for the removal of only the fibroma.

In fact, she was willing to give her own life to save the life of her child.

Gianna pleaded with the surgeons to save her child’s life over her own. She sought comfort in her prayers and her living faith.

The child’s life was saved, for which Gianna graciously thanked the Lord.

After the operation, complications continued throughout her pregnancy.  However, Gianna spent the remainder of her pregnancy with an unparalleled strength.  She continued dedication for her tasks as a mother and a doctor.

A few days before the baby to be born. Gianna prayed the Lord take any pain away from the child. She recognized she may lose her life during delivery. But she was ready.

“Save the baby”

Gianna quite clear about her wishes.  She expressed to her family, “If you must decide between me and the child. Do not hesitate.  Choose the child.  I insist on it. Save the baby.”

On April 21, 1962, Gianna Emanuela Molla successfully delivered by Caesarean section.

The doctors tried many different treatments and procedures to ensure both lives would be saved. However, on April 28, 1962. A week after the baby born. Gianna passed away from septic peritonitis. She was buried in Mesero.

Gianna was beatified by Pope John Paul II on April 24, 1994.  She was officially canonized as a saint on May 16, 2004. Her husband and their children. Including Gianna Emanuela attended her canonization ceremony.  This was the first time a husband witnessed his wife’s canonization.

Luke 10; 33-34. The Good Samaritan
“But a Samaritan traveler who came upon him moved with compassion at the sight. He approached the victim, poured oil and wine over his wounds and bandaged them”.

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