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Oil Dedicated to St Leobinus of Chartres (Patron invoked against Edema)

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Oil Dedicated to St Leobinus of Chartres (Patron invoked against Edema) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

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Oil Dedicated to St Leobinus of Chartres (Patron invoked against Edema)


Saint Leobinus of Chartres, compassionate patron for those suffering from edema, we turn to you with trust and hope. As a shepherd of the faithful and a healer of physical afflictions, we seek your intercession on behalf of all those grappling with edema. May your example of devotion and kindness inspire compassion in the hearts of those providing care and support. Saint Leobinus, guide those in the medical profession to find effective treatments, and may those burdened by edema experience relief and healing through your powerful intercession. Be a source of comfort to them in their struggles, and may they find strength in their faith as they face the challenges of this condition. Amen.


Matthew 11:28

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


The St Leobinus of Chartres is dedicated to the French saint who was a priest, a hermit and later abbot.

Son of peasants, he was a field worker and shepherd in his youth. Thirsting for education, he went to the monastery at Noailles, France, working for the monks by day, being taught by them at night. He studied late by candle light, which annoyed the monks who had to wake for early prayers; Leobinus put a screen around the candle, and pressed on.

Friend of Saint Carilef. Student of Saint Avitus of Perche, who suggested that the young man join his monastery. Monk at Lyon, France. Captured by renegade soldiers during war between the Franks and Burgundians. Leobinus tortured to make him give up the location of the monastery‘s treasure. He told the soldiers nothing, and they left him for dead, thinking they’d drowned him; he eventually recovered.

Joined Saint Avitus‘ community at Le Perche, France. Priest. Abbot at Brou, France. Bishop of Chartres, France. Noted reformer. Participant of the synod of Orleans in 549, and Paris in 552. Miracle worker; had the gift of healing, especially of dropsy or edema. Worked with Saint Caletric who gave him his last Communion, and succeeded him as bishop. Innkeepers and wine merchants near Chartres considered him their patron.


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