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Oil Dedicated to St Quentin (Patron Invoked against Coughs)

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The St Quentin is dedicated to the Roman saint patron against coughs. Quentin was also known as Quintinus. According to legend, he was a Roman, went to Gaul as a missionary with St Lucian of Beauvais, and settled at Amiens in Picardy

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Oil Dedicated to St Quentin


Dear St. Quentin, patron invoked against coughs, we turn to you with hopeful hearts in our moments of discomfort and unease. As we face the challenges of persistent coughs, we seek your intercession for relief and healing. With gratitude, we acknowledge your compassionate care and ask for your gentle presence to alleviate our coughs and soothe our throats. Guide us through these moments of physical discomfort, and grant us the strength to overcome the obstacles that hinder our well-being. In unity, we ask for your assistance and trust in your powerful intercession against coughs. Amen.


So do not fear, for I am with you , do not be dismayed for I am your God. – Isaiah 41 : 10

The St Quentin is dedicated to the Roman saint patron against coughs.

St. Quentin, also known as Quentin of Amiens, is a revered Christian martyr and the patron saint invoked against coughs. Born in the 3rd century in Amiens, France, Quentin led a life devoted to spreading the teachings of Christianity. His unwavering faith and commitment to his beliefs ultimately led to his martyrdom.

Legend has it that Quentin traveled to Rome to further his religious education and faith. However, during his journey, he found himself in the midst of a fierce persecution of Christians by the Roman authorities. Despite the imminent danger, Quentin remained steadfast in his faith and continued to preach the Gospel.

Sadly, his unyielding dedication to Christianity led to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment. While incarcerated, Quentin reportedly performed miraculous acts, which garnered him both admiration and curiosity among his fellow inmates and even some of his captors. Despite attempts to coerce him into renouncing his faith, Quentin remained resolute.

The most famous miracle associated with St. Quentin occurred when he miraculously cured a fellow prisoner’s daughter who was suffering from a severe cough. This event cemented his reputation as a protector against coughs and respiratory ailments.

Tragically, Quentin’s refusal to renounce Christianity led to his execution by beheading, making him a martyr for his faith. His feast day is celebrated on October 31st in the Western Christian tradition.

Devotees of St. Quentin continue to seek his intercession, particularly when facing coughs and respiratory illnesses. His life serves as a testament to unwavering faith and the enduring power of belief in the face of adversity, making him a beloved and respected figure in Christian tradition.

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