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Oil Dedicated to St Rita of Cascia 6 (Patron against Sickness)


Oil Dedicated to St Rita of Cascia 6 (Patron against Sickness) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

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Oil Dedicated to St Rita of Cascia 6 (Patron against Sickness)

Oil Dedicated to St Rita of Cascia 6 (Patron against Sickness) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Saint Rita of Cascia, the Patron against Sickness, is a revered figure in Catholicism known for her unwavering faith and miraculous acts. Born Margherita Lotti in Roccaporena, Italy, around 1381, she faced numerous hardships throughout her life but remained steadfast in her devotion to God.

Rita’s desire to become a nun initially met with resistance from her family, who arranged her marriage to Paolo Mancini. Despite the challenges within her marriage, she remained devoted to her husband and two sons. Her patience, kindness, and prayers eventually transformed Paolo, who had involved in a life of crime, into a better person.

Sadly, Rita’s life took a tragic turn when both her husband and sons killed in a feud. Faced with unimaginable grief, she forgave their murderers and sought solace in her faith. Her unwavering devotion led her to enter the Augustinian convent of Cascia, where she lived a life of deep prayer and penance.

Legend has it that St. Rita received a thorn from the crown of Christ, which caused a wound on her forehead that remained for the rest of her life. This wound, while physically painful, served as a spiritual reminder of her union with Christ’s suffering.

St. Rita’s reputation for holiness and her ability to perform miracles quickly spread. She particularly venerated as a patroness against sickness, with countless people seeking her intercession for healing from various ailments. Many attribute their recovery to her powerful prayers and the grace of God working through her.

St. Rita passed away on May 22, 1457, at the age of 76. Her incorrupt body preserved in the Basilica of St. Rita in Cascia, where pilgrims from around the world come to seek her intercession.

Today, St. Rita of Cascia continues to inspire countless individuals with her remarkable story of faith, forgiveness, and perseverance. Her life serves as a reminder that even in the face of great adversity and suffering. Unwavering faith and trust in God can bring about miracles and healing.


On this day, we offer a humble prayer to St. Rita of Cascia, the Patron against sickness. St. Rita, we turn to you with trust and hope, seeking your intercession for those grappling with illness. Like you, who endured physical ailments with grace, inspire strength and healing in those affected. May your guiding spirit bring comfort and relief, and may those suffering from sickness feel the warmth of God’s healing touch. St. Rita, be a source of solace and support for all who face illness, and may your prayers bring about the grace of God, bringing health and well-being to those in need. Amen.


“Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.”

James 5:14-15


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