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Oil Dedicated to Ven Pier Carlo Landucci (Servant of God)

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Oil Dedicated to Ven Pier Carlo Landucci (Servant of God)

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Oil Dedicated to Ven Pier Carlo Landucci (Servant of God)


 Heavenly Father,

We lift our hearts in gratitude for the life and example of Ven Pier Carlo Landucci, a devoted servant of God whose life was marked by faith, humility, and love for others. Thank you for the gift of his witness, which continues to inspire us to live lives of holiness and service. Grant us the grace to emulate his virtues of compassion, selflessness, and unwavering trust in your providence. May his intercession strengthen our faith and guide us on the path of discipleship, as we seek to follow your will with courage and perseverance.


“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Mark 10:45


Ven Pier Carlo Landucci (Servant of God) from A Blessed Call To Love.

Pier Carlo Landucci was born on 1 December 1900, at 15.35 minutes, in Santa Vittoria in Mantenano ( Fermo ) in via del Corso, number 27. His father, lawyer Tito Landucci, was a magistrate and died in 1905, when Pier Carlo had just five years. Mother Teresa a woman considered beautiful, with an artist’s temperament and strong, who was also able to be the spiritual guide of her children and was able to lead the family even in the very difficult economic conditions.

Appointed Rector of the Pontifical Roman Minor Seminary in 1935. He called after about a year to be spiritual Director in the Roman Seminary. Where he lavished the treasures of his wisdom and profound spirituality. Offering the church seven generations of new priests. At the Roman Major Seminary he was also the spiritual director of Venerable Bruno Marchesini. A cleric who died in July 1938.

This is an extraordinary text on apologetics, also defined as ” the most modern book on the most ancient problem ” (God), in which the author, even using the notions learned during his scientific training, demonstrates the existence of God through creation and he comes to discover the divinity of Christ and the divinity of the Catholic Church, directly founded by Jesus and depository of the divine Word and Will.

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