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Oil Dedicated to Venerable Angelo Bonetta

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Oil Dedicated to Venerable Angelo Bonitta

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Oil Dedicated to Venerable Angelo Bonetta

The Venerable Angelo Bonetta is dedicated to the Italian teenager.  He died on January 28th 1963.

The suffering experienced by teens and adolescents is  heartbreaking.  Because beyond the pain is visible a vitality, typical of their age. Many people are struck by the serenity and acceptance of God’s will.

The 14 year old Servant of God, Angelo Bonetta was one of these teenagers.  He died before his time. Yet he gave beautiful witness to his faith and love for Christ before his death.

On April 14, 1955 at the age of six, he received his First Communion.  He was an enthusiastic altar boy.  He served Mass every Sunday.  Also, he was sympathetic with his friends and children, playing soccer very well.  Above all, he refereed with the confidence of his companions.

Angelo becomes sick

After elementary school, at the age of 11 he entered a college in Brescia to continue his studies.  However, after just fifteen days he began to limp conspicuously due to acute pains in a knee. He was brought home.  His parents admitted him to a hospital in Brescia for thorough investigations.  Unfortunately it was a tumor.

Thus began a long and painful Calvary, between intense cures and hospitalizations.  It culminated in the end with the amputation of the leg on May 2, 1961. The post-operative period was difficult. The strong physical pains were associated with psychic ones. This  arose from the knowledge that he no longer had a leg.
He was only 12 years old.  In the most difficult moments, he found the strength to invoke the help of Jesus and Our Lady.  “Lord, I have offered you everything for the poor sinners, but now help me not to deny you anything”.

Angelo’s death

Unfortunately, despite the amputation, the tumor advanced in his young and proven body. This procured other long months of martyrdom, useful for Paradise and for the conversion of souls.
One night he said to his mother: “If I died soon, what would you do?” And she immediately replied: “We would fulfill the will of God together!”  Consequently, this sublime affirmation calmed Angelo, who utilised the time of departure for Paradise.

On 27 January 1963, the parish priest confessed to him and brought him the Eucharist as Viaticus.  Also, he administered the Anointing of the Sick.  Until midnight Angelo continued to pray with those present, then he fell asleep.  Around two in the morning he woke up and spoke softly to his mother: “Mom, here we are. Here is my hour “.  And staring at the statue of the Madonna on the bedside table he fell asleep in the Lord, it was January 28, 1963.
On 19 May 1998 the Cause for his beatification was opened.

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