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Oil Dedicated to Venerable Meo Antonia Nennolina

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Oil Dedicated to Venerable Meo Antonia Nennolina


Oil Dedicated to Venerable Meo Antonia Nennolina


 Heavenly Father, we thank you for the life of Venerable Meo Antonia Nennolina, whose unwavering faith and devotion continue to inspire us. May her example of humble service and love for others ignite a flame of compassion within our hearts. Grant us the grace to emulate her kindness and selflessness, spreading your light in our communities. Amen.


“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

1 Peter 4:8

Venerable Meo Antonia Nennolina, affectionately called “Nennolina”, was born in Rome on December 15th of the year 1930. At the age of three, she attended nursery school with religious sisters, and at the age of 5, she enrolled in Catholic Action, in the group for the littlest ones. At six years old, osteosarcoma forces her left leg to be amputated. Already at that age, she had a concept of the value of suffering that was incomprehensible without the grace of God.

A religious sister who was a nurse in the clinic testified: “One morning, while I was helping the nurse was in charge of ordering the room of the little girl, her father entered. After caressing her, he asked her: “Do you feel much pain?” And Antonietta said: “Daddy, the pain is like fabric, the stronger it is, the more value it has.” The religious sister added: “If I had not heard this with my own ears, I would not have believed it.”

She begins to go to elementary school at the age of six, with a prosthesis that bothers her greatly. However, she offers it all to Jesus: “May each step that I take be a little word of love”. She wants to celebrate the day of the anniversary of her amputation with a big lunch and with a novena to Our Lady of Pompeii, because thanks to this event she was able to offer her suffering to Jesus.

The night of Christmas of 1936. She receives her First Holy Communion with great fervor, and a few months later she receives Confirmation. The amputation of her leg had not stopped. The tumor that had spread to the head, hand, foot, throat, and mouth. Both the pain of the illness and the treatments that tried to heal her were very strong.

When they would meet a poor person, it was she who wanted to give her the cent that she had. Her life has been a witness of sanctity for children who suffer.

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