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St Aloysius Gonzaga Frame


St Aloysius Gonzaga Frame | A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Introducing our new products that are made with creativity and passion towards spreading the love of our Saints around the world.

You can place the frame in your house to assist you in your prayerful devotion to your favorite saint. The gold frame enhances the design to draw attention to the saint. This is also inspired by using unique backgrounds that show how God created those beautiful sceneries.

If you want these religious photos and frames at the best prices, then you might consider buying these at A Blessed Called to Love.

Product Specifications:

Frame: 10 inch x 12 inch
Singly Boxed
Print: 8 inch x 10 inch
Stand and Hanger

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St Aloysius Gonzaga Frame

St Aloysius Gonzaga (Italian: Luigi Gonzaga; 9 March 1568 – 21 June 1591) an Italian aristocrat. Who became a member of the Society of Jesus. While still a student at the Roman College. He died as a result of caring for the victims of a serious epidemic. He beatified in 1605 and canonized in 1726.

Gonzaga born the eldest of seven children, at his family’s castle in Castiglione delle Stiviere, between Brescia and Mantua in northern Italy in what was then part of the Duchy of Mantua, into the illustrious House of Gonzaga. “Aloysius” the Latin form of Aloysius de Gonzaga’s given name in Italian, Luigi. Gonzaga the son of Ferrante de Gonzaga (1544–1586), Marquis of Castiglione, and Donna Marta Tana di Santena, daughter of a baron of the Piedmontese Della Rovere family. His mother was a lady-in-waiting to Isabel, the wife of Philip II of Spain.

As the first-born son, in line to inherit his father’s title and status of Marquis. His father assumed that Gonzaga a soldier, as that the norm for sons of the aristocracy and the family often involved in the minor wars of the period. As early as age four, Luigi given a set of miniature guns and accompanied his father on training expeditions so that the boy might learn “the art of arms”. At age five, Gonzaga sent to a military camp to get started on his training. His father pleased to see his son marching around camp at the head of a platoon of soldiers. His mother and his tutor less pleased with the vocabulary he picked up there.

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