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St Joseph B Frame


St Joseph B Frame | A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Product Specifications:

Frame: 10 inch x 12 inch
Singly Boxed
Print: 8 inch x 10 inch
Stand and Hanger


St Joseph B Frame

Gold-colored framed picture of your favorite saint.

Here at A Blessed Call to Love, Ireland we are introducing our new products that are made with creativity and passion towards spreading the love of our Saints around the world.

You can place the frame in your house to assist you in your prayerful devotion to your favorite saint. The gold St Joseph B Frame enhances the design to draw attention to the saint. This also inspired by using unique backgrounds that show how God created those beautiful sceneries.

If you want these religious images and frames at the best prices, then you might consider buying these at A Blessed Called to Love.

Each new image of the saints is original and beautiful.  The prayerful contemplation of our saints’ lives and their love for God can help us open our hearts to a rich encounter with the Lord.  When we look at an original image it reminds us and helps to recall the example of the life of the saints and their love for God.

Shipping: every framed image is professionally packed and couriered to ensure that it arrives to you on time and in perfect condition.

We ship worldwide. Each framed picture carefully hand-packed The pictures are colourful with beautiful backgrounds and scenery/ inside a modern gold frame. Has a very traditional look about it, suitable for any décor in any room or hallway.

It can placed in a prominent place on any mantelpiece or wall or office. It can be useful as an aid to a prayer group or meeting place giving a focal point to assist in the intended spiritual atmosphere.

A lighted candle from our collection would also contribute to the ambiance in stillness and prayer. And an oil dedicated to the particular saint in the image would be a lovely gift to anyone. Also a reminder to say the prayer on the card that comes with the oil. We also have a range of oils dedicated to saints from around the world.


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Weight2.00 kg

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