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Oil Dedicated to St Blaise 4 (Patron for Carvers)

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Oil Dedicated to St Blaise 4 (Patron for Carvers) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

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Oil Dedicated to St Blaise 4 (Patron for Carvers)

St Blaise 4 (Patron for Carvers) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Saint Blaise, also known as Saint Blaise of Sebaste, a Christian saint and martyr who is venerated as the patron saint of stonecutters, wool workers, and animals. He believed to have been born in the fourth century in what is now modern-day Turkey.

Blaise was a physician and bishop who devoted his life to caring for the sick and spreading the Christian faith. He known for his compassion and his miraculous healings, which he attributed to his faith in Christ.

According to tradition, during a time of persecution against Christians, Blaise arrested and imprisoned. While in prison, he miraculously healed a young boy who was choking on a fishbone, using a blessing of the throat. This miracle commemorated in the Catholic Church with the Blessing of the Throats on the Feast of St. Blaise.

After tortured and interrogated, Blaise beheaded for his faith. He often depicted in artwork with a wool comb and a pair of crossed candles, which are symbols of his role as a bishop and his miraculous healing of the young boy.

In addition to his role as the patron saint of wool workers and animals, Blaise  also venerated as the patron saint of stonecutters. This association comes from the tradition that Blaise worked as a stonemason before becoming a bishop. He believed to have used his skills as a stonecutter to build churches and other holy sites throughout his diocese.

Today, St. Blaise revered as a model of Christian faith and devotion, as well as a powerful intercessor for those who work with wool, stone, and animals. His feast day celebrated on February 3rd in the Western Church and on February 11th in the Eastern Church.


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